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So you probably know about the RAF exploit, to get 3x the XP on your character.
If you dont, hit the backspace key and read about it.

Well, so the RAF can be used to get 3x XP on your low level char. But not on 60+ because the friend can not be summoned to outlands…

However, there are a group of quests completable in azeroth to lvl 69!
The alterac valley quests in Alterac Mountains generate 120 000 XP if you complete them all. The quests are like, “win a av”, “take a gy”, “take a tower” AND the reputation quests. Since im exalted from botting I got 10k+12k+13.5k+15k+18k for all the reputation levels. (the last one is for full exalted bar)

Totally I got 120 000 xp and the Refer a friend bonus was 240 000 xp. It took me 2 av’s and about 30 min to complete them all.

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