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1. U must have WEH, (WowEmuHacker) which can be downloaded here:
2. U must also have one from the opposite faction that can kill you, and someone that can ress u. (you can have 3 wow‘s running on the same computer at the same time, so u can do this urself )
3. Go to SFK with all 3 characters. all 3 characters should be standing on the bridge, just outside the instance portal.(Taxi can take u there )
4. now, with the person you want to boost (which is the one having the WEH on) Go to ur WEH and click on the “GoTo” button(*), so u will add the current locations chords, so u can later teleport back here.
5. Now, with the one thats from the opposite faction, kill the one u wanna boost.
6. The one that u wanna boost runs to hes/her corpse (or use the “corpse” button in WEH, which is slightly easyer)
7. so, now the one that you want to boost is at hes/her corpse. Now, with the resser, begin to ress him. When the ress comes up on the guy u want to boost’s screen, DONT click anything.
8. The one u wanna boost should now run into the instance. When he gets there, he falls down into some water with some mobs. And, all hes stats just multiplied! he should get like 3k+ hp.
9. Now press teleport to get back to the bridge.
10. Do it over and over.
Do NOT do this so many times that u will have more than 72k hp. Should u do this, u will DISCONNECT, loosing all ur added stats, and thus be forced to do it all over again

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  1. by ;/, on October 10 2009 @ 5:28 am


    Hey! its fixed now. This is a old post.

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