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I always log into vent first to talk to my friends before actually logging in. My friend says “omg i have something to show you, hurry and log in” I log in and he psts me and has the blizzard blue next to his name n such. And i was like, “wow you got a job as a gm???”

He said he logged in and it was just like that, he shows up as offline in my friend list, we can’t see him in-game, and he can understand/kill allies with no repercussions. So he went to Quel’danas to kill some allies. They were just running around trying to escape fireballs and dying. One of them /spit on me because I was just standing there watching. I took some screenshots, but only of people with a fireball debuff, so they are kind of useless. But if you want here is one ImageShack – Hosting :: lolgmtd2.jpg

Also, an ally said “algOs hir hir” My friend said that was “dont see any” (as in horde killing them) A fun day it was, anyone else ever had this bug? I personally think it’s awesome, but I know he’s gonna get owned hard by a real gm.

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