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You need:
305 Engineering skill
Zapthrottle Mote Exctractor

How to:

(Skip the first 6 steps if you have the Extractor)

1. Go to K. Lee Smallfry (Alliance) or Mack Diver (Horde).

2. Get the quest The Zapthrottle Mote Extractor!.

3. The Steam Pump Parts can be found in The Dead Mire, get 15.

4. Turn in the quest, now you have the recipe.

5. The mats can be bought off the AH for 100-200 gold.

6. Make the Extractor!

7. Go to 30,62 in Nagrand. (NEW SPOT: 63.0, 49.5)

8. Make this macro; and bind it to 9.
/use Mote of Air
/use Zapthrottle Mote Extractor

9. (If you are a rogue)Make this macro; and bind it to 8.
/cast [nostealth] stealth

10. Start up my script DoWnLoAd!

11. Now it will press 8 and 9 all the time until you press F1.
You can minimize wow, as the script sends the keystrokes to the wow window, so you can play another game or on another account at the same time.
Running in background is not flawless, sometimes my pointer jumps around a little. I’ll maybe work more on that later.


The script will always press 8 and 9, I don’t recommend having any abilities on these keys while running the script.

The cloud has a respawn time of ~5 minutes.
The clouds has a 400% drop rate of mote of air.
4 Mote of Air every 5 minutes
48 Mote of Air every 60 minutes
~5 Primal air every hour
150 Gold every hour (30g ea)
1500 Gold overnight (10 hours)

I had this running for almost a week straight, and I netted 831 primal air, I still haven’t sold them all.
I spend gold all the time, respeccing, flasks, pots and gems. Right now I have 13k gold.
I think I have made at least 30k gold with this method.

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