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Download here

You can use this hack on real servers since it
contains some anti-detection, decreasing the chance
to get caught by Warden for now to 0%. However it might not
stay safe forever, so check for updates regularly.

*Start “WoW_NoAddiction.exe”
*Have fun

*AutoIgnore Spammers
*Hoverhack (Fly through air)
*Maphack (Displays all entitys on minimap)
*Ingame commands (See chatcommands help)
*Displays level instead of “??” if too high.
*Unitalert (Warns you if enemy players come in range)
*Fishbot (fishes for you)
*Climbhack (allows you to climb up objects)
*Anti-auto-afk (no auto-afk when idling too long)

*Added fishbot
*Added less-fall-dmg hack
*Added climbhack
*Added anti-auto-afk
*Added “notes.txt” for tips (Read it!)
*Improved security
*Fixed bubble-message error
*Fixed Error2 -> had to be Error1 (see notes.txt)

*First release for WoW and BC 2.4.3

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