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The package contains three parts.
The first is a UI mod which you install in your Interface\Addons\ folder just like any other WoW mod. The second is an Auto it v3 Script which you open and run with Auto It v3. ( third is the mouse wiggler program I wrote to make the PixelGetColor() function update more quickly.


Download the Addon and the Bot AI Script down below. Unzip the Addon and the AI Script. Open up your scite editor and compile HBAIMouseWiggler.au3. We’ll be coming back to this in a sec. Put the addon in your Addons folder. Make sure the HBAI Auto it script is in the same folder as the MouseWiggler.exe. The script uses the executable.

Now… Load up WoW, log in. At the character selection screen make sure the addon loaded properly by checking for HBCI in the addons list. If it didn’t load, you obviously didn’t do something right. Retrace your steps and try again. If it loaded, we’re in business. Choose your Priest, Paladin, Druid, or Shaman and log in.

Now there are just a couple of video settings you need to make sure you have before you throw a shit fit because the program won’t work. Make sure you’re in full screen in 1024×768 in WoW with your “Use UI Scale” Box checked, and the UI Scale slider all the way to the right (set to 1) Also there are some certain rare (actually I haven’t found one yet) mods that might try to fight HBCI for being on top of all other layers. If there is anything covering up the upper left hand corner of the WoW screen, move it out of the way. This is only necessary if the addon in question is of a higher strata than HBCI (which is set to Tooltip strata).

Next step is to alt tab out of the game and from the scite editor, choose the HBAI file. Scroll down the file until you see a giant block of green text with a bunch of variables inside it. Set these variables according to your preferences. Now go up to tools and click run. Now tab back into the game. If everything works properly Nothing will happen (until someone in your nearby raid or party takes damage).

STRESS TEST: Load up on super mana potions, and go diving. You will take 1/10th of your maximum health in damage every second. you will die in 10 seconds if the bot doesn’t work properly. I left a 61 pts resto druid in full tier 6 with 200 mana potions healing for 3 hours while drowning in goldshire. The druid took 840 DPS for 3 hours. She went through 73 mana potions, broke my healing meter, and was still alive and healing when I finished watching my movie. I was amazed that it worked so well for so long without bugging out or crashing.

Helpful tips
You can hold the ALT key to stop the bot from healing, and the mouse wiggler from moving your mouse.

If you are going to use the follow mode, make sure you can trust the person you’re following to always be where he or she needs to be. The ideal leader would always stand as close to the middle of the spread of players as possible, so the maximum number of people are in range. He or she would also try to make sure you are in line of sight of everyone. They should watch when you sit down to drink so they don’t go wandering off and make you get up automatically. They should move you out of dangerous stuff like lava, poisonous gas, etc.

Casting notifications = bad

If you can’t get it to work, RTFM or ask me on the forums. I check these forums several times daily.

Remember to set your variables before trying to run the bot.

The bot will not work without the addon.

Don’t forget to compile MouseWiggler.au3 into an executable.

The mouse wiggler program and the Healbot script must be in the same folder for the mouse wiggling function to work.

The mouse wiggler program is just about REQUIRED for healing in a raid due to the sheer lag from all the PixelGetColor() checks. For some reason, Moving the mouse while attempting to PixelGetColor() Speeds up the process by quite a bit.

This bot will read the health of and heal your player’s FOCUS. There’s a nice explanation of what focus is / does / is for on the UI and macro forums at For those of you who already know what it is, here’s how to use it: First you’ll want to set your healer and the target to be healed next to each other in game. Next step, set your variables. The two most important ones are “/follow <player name>” and WeAreInARaidGroup = 0 … Oh, and of course you obviously have to AllowFollowing = 1. Before starting up the bot, on the healer target your character to be healed. type /focus. Hit enter. This target is now set to focus, as indicated by the white aura around the unit frame (You may see additional unit frames pop up instead if you’re using custom unit frames). The KEY advantage to healing a target in this manner is that you do not need to be grouped with them… Therefore you can walk around healing this character all day and this character will never take an XP loss from your healer’s help… How cool is that?

The addon:
Consists of 48 pixels laid out like this:


in the upper left corner of your screen. This addon reads data from the game, and changes the color of the pixels corresponding to that data.

A = Combat Status. Green is out of combat. Red is in combat.
B = Player’s Class. Has 9 separate colors (one for each class).
C = Player Mana indicator. Will turn red if the player is missing atleast 3750 mana, indicating that we need to pot up to maintain full.
D = Player’s Health. See below for an explanation.
E – H = Party members health. See below for an explanation. E is Party1, F is party2, G is party3, H is party4
I = Focus’s Health. This has 13 possible values. 6 Shades of Green. 6 Shades of Red, and Pure White. Any shade of red means the target has agro. Darker red is lower health, brighter red is fuller health. Same with green, only no agro. Pure white = target is dead, and you fail as a healer.

A – Z, A- N = Raid health

Download the Bot here:

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  1. by engri, on September 24 2009 @ 3:05 am


    it stops healing when any party member is below 40% hp. Works like that with Druid. I tried with priest and it just reports an error (does not heal at all). An it works so slowly.. i dont know if it had a chance to heall all party members when there is so much going on (it types 10 charaters per secons.. to slowly). I triend on other computer with same options, but it dosnt work at all there (maybe because it has intel integrated gfx and no possibility of enabling hardware cursor? dunno)

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