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Step 1:Gear
go to the private server mall and get all the spell damage gear, my Current combination is:
-Mask OF Primal Power
-The Sun King’s Talisman
-Pauldrons Of Tribal Fury
-cloak of the illidari council
-Blessed Elunite Covering
-focused mana bindings
-Grasp of the moonkin
-Starfire Waistband
-Leggings of channeled elements
-Naturewarden’s Treads
-Ring Of Acient Knowledge
-Ring Of Acient Knowledge
-Skull of Gul’dan
-icons of silver crescent
-Tempest of Chaos
-The Maelstrom’s Fury

Total of = 1524 spell damage

-You can weapon stack without having all the spell damage gear but with this gear you can pretty much one shot everything
-the more the spell damage the higher your procs will hit.

Step 2:The stacking (The Basics)
Go buy 2 weapons with PROCS(for example: Perdition blade,Emerald dragonfang,Gutgore ripper, Skullforge reaver…etc)
let’s stick with Perdition blade and emerald dragonfang.
so you have all the gear above equiped, equip perdition blade in the mainhand and emerald dragonfang in the offhand. now start switching your weapons from the mainhand to the offhand:
Default: Mainhand: Perdition blade Offhand: Emerald dragonfang
1st switch : Mainhand: Emerald Dragonfang Offhand: Perdition Blade
2nd switch : Mainhand : Perdition Blade Offhand :Emeral Dragonfang
and so on..
The more you switch these weapons from mainhand to offhand the more they are stacking therefore the more powerful your hit will be, this may seem weird and useless but that’s they way to do it and that’s why we call it weapon stacking.
After your done with switching your weapons from main hand to offhand and you’re ready to try it out, equip 2xThe Maelstrom’s furry.your weapons will be in the bag and you will still get the proc
i switch my weapons from main hand to offhand around 40-50 times before starting

Weapon switching from main hand to offhand macro : /script PickupInventoryItem(16); PickupInventoryItem(17);
Note : You have to redo all the switching once you log in again.

Step 3: Advanced stacking
you can pick a huge variety of weapons and you can stack them all it would take you a longer time to stack all of them but you will be one shotting almost anything.
All the hits on the picture above were done in around 0.4 secs, and it was only 1 swing on a Paladin.
Again just one swing

I hope everything i just explained is clear, if anyone has any questions concerning this i am more than willing to answer them and help you with weapon stacking.

Ideal/Discrete Stacking Items:

– Rod of the sun king (Unlimited energy or rage.)
– Thrash Blade (1 extra attack stacked, this item is removed on most of the servers tho)
– Heartrzor (240 attack power)
– Julie’s dagger+Skullforge Reaver (Massive health regen)

-use names with these characters:ÆÂÉySÃ……etc it makes it impossible for those jealous noobs to report you
-carry a disguise
-if you wanna be really deadly use :Emu hacker flyhack/speedhack, no cooldown thiny.
-be very fast try your best to not let the other noobs take a screen shot of you because a screen shot of you flying or somethin will get you up to 1 year ban on some servers, the combat log screenie, if submitted will ban you for up to 5-7 days IF caught.
-remember this is a private server there’s a like a million so suppose you get banned from one just move to another

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  1. by danno, on July 1 2009 @ 12:33 am


    i cant seem to get this to work

  2. by John, on November 11 2009 @ 8:48 pm


    Question does this work on 3.2a like the latest one?

  3. by John, on November 11 2009 @ 9:42 pm


    how do i know that it stacked while i was switching weps?
    plz help me

  4. by Dillon, on November 15 2009 @ 1:38 am


    I got it to work!!! I thout it was goning to be gay and not work but yes!


  5. by jord, on November 19 2009 @ 12:28 pm


    not working

  6. by rawr, on January 31 2010 @ 7:47 pm


    The Maelstrom’s furry is a mainhand, so how we poes to use 2 ?

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