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In this guide i will show you how to:

  1. Download an AC-Repack!
  2. Start your Server!
  3. How to connect and play on your server!
  4. How to make your server public without Hamachi!

Okay First lets start with how to download your AC-Repack, (in this guide i will be using AC Web Ultimate Repack 5.0)

First of all download:
HTML Code:

RapidShare: 1-Click Webhosting

also download .Net Framework if you dont have it:
HTML Code:…displaylang=en

Ok once the repack is installed,
A install box (or whatever there called) will appear which should say
“Thank you for using AC Web Ultimate Repack 5.0, for more info visit ” in a big white box.

Below the big white box you should see:
Destination Folder
If you have this as your destination folder click next if not change it to the above and click next

After clicking Next the folders will be Extracted into your destination folder which may take a while but only a little while

After the extraction is complete the installation box should automatticaly dissapear and its not time to open the destination folder ‘C:\AC Web Ultimate Repack’ once opened look for these folders:
Map Extractor enUS ;
Map Extractor enGB

Now listen here if you live in the EU extract the folder ‘Map Extracor enGB’ into your WoW Directory but if you live in the US extract the folder ‘Map Extractor enUS’ into your WoW Directory

Your WoW Directory is normally is normally located in ‘C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft’

Once extracted open your WoW Directory and run ‘ad.exe’ (this takes ages go watch TV for a bit or do homework or whatever ) Once this is complete the window should automaticaly shutdown. Now take folder called ‘maps’ from your WoW Directory and place it in ‘C:\AC Web Ultimate Repack\Antrix’.

Congratulations you have now downloaded AC-Web Ultimate Repack.

Now i will teach you how to start your server this is very very simple.

Start by opening AC Repack Control Panel located in ‘C:\AC Web Ultimate Repack’

Now a small box should come up which says
‘Thank you for using the AC Web Ultimate Repack!
First go to SQL Options,
Start MySQL, then the restarter, then the website.

*note* Repack should be located in
C:\AC Web Ultimate Repack’

Make sure the repack is in ‘C:\AC Web Ultimate Repack’ and not in ‘C:\AC Web\AC Web Ultimate Repack’ (move the folder ‘AC Web Ultimate Repack’ into your desktop then delete the folder ‘AC Web’ and them move ‘AC Web Ultimate Repack’ back into your C Drive aka ‘C:\’)

Now this is easy part in the AC Repack Control Panel go to the tab ‘SQL Options’ and click ‘Start MySQL’ and wit until it ends with ‘‘ Leave this window open (you can minimize it) and now go back to the AC Repack Control Panel and go to the tab ‘Server Options’ then click ‘Restarter’ and a small box should appear with 2 Start buttons and Antrix and Logonserver next to each one. Click the bottom start button first (logonserver) and another window should appear wait for it to end with ‘Hooking Signals…’ then go back to the Restarter and click the top Start button with ‘Antrix’ next to it now yet another window should appear and end in ‘>> ping test: #ms’ and LEAVE these windows open

Congratulations you have now started your server!

We will now learn how to connect and play on your server!

This is very very simple just go to your WoW Directory and find the folder and open it with Notepad and change where it says ‘Set realmlist whatever it says here’ to ‘Set realmlist’ now save notepad and exit it and now start world of warcraft! and login with the Account name: Admin and the Account Password: Admin.

Congratulations you have now learnt how to connect and play on your server!

You will now learn how to make your server public without Hamachi!

Use the guide on:
HTML Code:

AC Web

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