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OK, for those of you who were too lazy to actually find the password to swiffy’s hack thing, its now under this post as a video showing you. Ill just explain it.
Make a new macro that looks like this:
It will have to use up all the char’s possilbe
the odd numbered macros will look like this:
/ababababab (any 10 chars will work not including the “/”)
the even numbered macros will look like this
/abababababa (any 11)

do this until you have used all your chars up or close to it:
u should have it look like this

once you made that macro,
place it in a spamable spot.
Then while jumping off of something tall, after your in mid air, spam the button until the screen freezes,
while your spamming it and its frozen, the game has stopped for you and will look like to others your teleporting cus their computer will see you falling, then every time it loads your coordinates into the server again, youl be in the same spot, and it will seem as if you teleporting.

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