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*NOTE* This is a guide for people that have had SOME experiance with Wpe and know how to work it.

1.) Open Wpe Pro and use permedit to give it Permissions and then target your WoW.exe Process ( if you do not know how to do this by now Shocked then stop reading)

2.) K, what i do is i go to my Internet Browser and i start up a site where i will find all my ID’s for skills and trainers, in this case i will be using Wowhead: It’s like calling in sick and going to the beach, only for databases. (I prefer it to Thott bot) have it open and ready and go search for your skills that you want to change.

3.) Whip out Microsoft Calculator so you can convert the ID’s into Hex

4.) Now that you have all of the tools for this you can go into your game and go the trainer you will be using for this. Write down their name and go to Wowhead: It’s like calling in sick and going to the beach, only for databases. and search for it you should then convert the ID it gives you to Hex using the calculator, now that you have the Hex ID of the trainer you can put that into the 07 and 08 slots.

5.) Now go back to Wowhead and search for the ID of the trainer that actually teaches that skill ( for example you go to a rogue trainer and get their ID and you want to learn something from the Preist trainer you should get the ID of the preist trainer) once you have the ID of the trainer that teaches the skill put it into the Modify 07 and 08.

PIC: This is what Steps 4 and 5 Should look like when its done.

6.) Now that you have the trainer part set up you should go get the ID of the skill you will be using ( again for example you take the rogue skill Sinister Strike, go to Wowhead and get the ID of Sinister Strike *Rank 1* <—– VERY IMPORTANT you must start at rank 1 and work up just how a preist would do it) Once you have the ID of the skill you are gonna trade put it into the 15 and 16 Column.

7.) Now go back to Wowhead and get the ID of the Skill you want to learn ( For example you will be learning Greater Heal *Rank 1* so get the ID for Rank 1 Greater Heal) now that you have the ID put it into the Modify row for 15 and 16.

Pic: This is what steps 6 and 7 Should look like when your done ( This includes Steps 4 and 5) so this would be the final product.

8.) Now that you have your filter set up Enable the filter and go into your game and Buy Sinister Strike ( Using Sinister Strike as an EXAMPLE can be any skill that you have set up for this filter to work for * I REPEAT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE SINISTER STRIKE*) and you should learn Greater Heal Rank 1 which is what you put in the modify portion of the filter.

9.) Wash, Rinse, and Repeat for the rest of the ranks of the skill you want to learn in order to get the higher ranks.

*Few notes* From what i understand this does not work for ( Revisions i think) 2000+ or Ascent ( not sure you guys can test that) Does NOT work for Bosses skills or GM skills, The Trainers you are using HAVE to be on the same map.

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