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Hey, I’m sure alot heard about that “Underwater place” at the star in Tanaris right? So i’ve been trying to get there with my druid, I had mana pots and health pots etc on ready, and when I got there and saw it…I begun returning to the nearest “In-far-sight” (Where you see gray mountains in the distance)..Instead of good ol’ Tanaris, I find myself on an Island with the exact things that have at the Underwater place!

P.S: I found abit later also, a “Factory” one like in the barrens, where there are 3 rare spawns (The miner, goblin and slime), if you want proof without any efforts, go to the Edge of “Lands Edge” at Tanaris, and you can see the Island from there yourself, it isn’t such a far distance, any class with a few pots and minor heals can get there

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