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This was recommended to me, however the spelling is quite horrible and at 15 hours I would say our community’s guide is faster, but I’m going to post it anyway in case you want an alternate method:

stat of by doing 2 first quests kIlling the wirms and killing the kiling the lynxs.
YOU SHOULD BE LV 4 if you are not then grind till it it will not take you alot .
DO ALL THE REMAINING QUESTS BEFORE DOING ‘REPORT TO Lathlan Perilon’ Do not do Solonian Belongings as
it will just waste your time .
Now go report to LATHLAN pERILON.
hE WILL TELL YOU TO KILL 7TENDERS AND 7FERAL TENDERS They are foud everywhere just kill them and if your
still not lv5 then grind to it.
This should take you less than an hour it took me 48min.

Ok so now accept Felendren the Banished and go to the acadmey and fight your way up.
Return your questand get your weapon. Accept Ading oUTRUNNERS and go to Falconing square.
You willfind some quests on the way do them.
nOW WHEN YOU ARE AT FALCONING SQUARE DO ALL THE QUESTS go to the link i provided for extra
help doing them.
nOW YOU SHOULD BE LV 8 IF not then grind to it and go adventure in EversOG WOODS
Clear everything fast everytime you arrive in a village take all the quess there and do them
cHECK THOTTBOT for extra help or check the link I provided.
You should be level 12 if not then grind in deadscar.
ghostland Power
Start in tranquillien and do the quests there don’t forget take all quest in an area then clear them out
Always have a spar weapon if ur melee r lots of mana potions if ur mage/priest/warlock
When you get to level 16 go to sun sancum south of tranquillien and do the quests there to get a very nice weapon
when you are done.Now you should be level 18 go to troll village or deathlome and grind there.

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  1. by jon, on December 26 2009 @ 5:41 pm


    got me to lvl 20 in less than 4hrs though training is alot better than some quests

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