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This is a really good way to get money with your friends or with the guild.

What do I need to do this?

  • A raid.
  • A main tank.
  • 6 Mages ( Yes,six )
  • 1 Hunter to pull the mobs.
  • 2-3 healers.
  • 1 druid
  • Dps as you please..

But,after you do this one time you have to wait 30 min untill the instance resets,don’t you?

No,you don’t.Check this picture.

  • Put the marks as following.
  • Kill all the mobs BESIDES the dragon thingy ( The one marked with a triangle , keep it CC’ed all the time ).
  • Kill order does not MATTER.

So how does the pull work?

  • Hunter should missdirect pull all the mobs with Multi-Shot and Missdirecting it to the main tank
  • Place a frost trap near the rogue location from the pic I just showed you.
  • Mages have to spam sheep the mobs they are assigned to.
  • Druids need to hibernate the dragonhawk ( Triangle )
  • Dps only one target at a time.
  • Once all mobs are dead BESIDES THE DRAGONHAWK ( TRIANGLE ) get outside the instance ( Don’t bother lotting,the loot will stay there even if you leave the instance )
  • Wait about 10 secs and reenter the instance.
  • Trash is respawned.
  • Loot teh shit
  • ./win!
  • Do it how many times you wish..I’ve got over 9000g with this in almost 5 days.

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