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As with every year, slow fall drinks bring around my adventurous spirit in this game. After a few fun jumps into the uninstanced tram through that tunnel in the gnomish airport, some rocket boot slowfalls off the IF mountains, I went to go see the mountains between the Barrens and Ashenvale. I noticed I had left the Ashenvale area channels, but had not joined the Barrens ones, I was in an unknown zone. I wondered if I could mount my flying mount here since it didn’t seem to count as Azeroth at all. No deal.

I brought a few friends and a lock along with me later that day. My friend was on his drake in Shat when we summoned him and he was allowed to stay on it. I hearthed and got on my drake and got summoned as well. Upon exploring the region a little more, I was dismounted upon entering any zone. Not sure if this is a repost, I found this by chance, so don’t give me trouble please :P, trying to shed my leecher status

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