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You will need to use one of your restores, so don’t try it if you’re out

The first thing you will have to do is delete your one of your non-gathering professions and make a GM ticket saying some BS excuse on how you accidentally managed to delete your profession.

Obviously a GM can’t mail you back your profession like any item being restored. What the GM does is he asks you to log off your account for a full 15 minutes, not to be disturbed while restoring your profession.

It only takes the GM about 2-3 minutes to fully restore your profession so log onto your account ~5 minutes after you logged of to let the GM on.

There you go you can talk in any chat and you will have the <GM> next to your name. You will be invisible to everybody. None of the commands that I used worked.

I’m sure you can all figure out some scams with this, or just play with your friends. Have fun.

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