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Obviously this one is not ours, but I thought I’d share it since its pretty fun.

you can download it here:
password: mmownedandedgeofnowhere

-added shorts for spells, ie /iftb ca could be curse of agony. fill in short in the AMDB-table at the

start of AutoMacro.lua
-added a few example framebuttonmacros (the hidden kind ^^)
/click CastLast –cast the last used spell
/click lastt –targets your “previous” target, only cause its a bit shorter than /targetlasttarget
/click RGM –applies Regrowth on you if you havent got it, you can fill in as many of these as you

wish but its there to show you what you can do.
-added new if’s
– /ifhl –target casting a heal which is not of rank 1?
– /iffhl –same as /ifhl but for focustarget
– /ifxb and /ifxbx for focustarget-check
– /iftimebx spell –checks if time left on spell is less than x on target
usage /iftimeb2 ca — less than 2 seconds left on my curse of agony (if added in ‘shorts’)
– /iftimefx –same as /iftimebx but for focustarget
– /iftimex spell –time left on your cast is less than x? (spell is optional)
– /iftimttx spell — same as above but for your target

/iftimex and /iftimetx supports multiple spell check
ie. /iftimet2 Heal,Greater Heal,Holy Light

– /iftc Heal,Greater Heal,Whatever — target casting either of the spells separated by ‘,’ ?

-changed the life/’mana’-checks a bit (‘mana’ = mana / rage / energy)
they are now as follows
– /ifrxxxx — ‘mana’ of player < xxxx
– /ifrlxxxx — ‘mana’ of player >= xxxx
– /iftrxxxx — ‘mana’ of target < xxxx
– /iftrlxxxx — ‘mana’ of target >= xxxx
– /iflxxxx — health of player < xxxx
– /ifllxxxx — health of player >= xxxx
– /iftlxxxx — health of target < xxxx (points if friendly and in party/raid otherwise percent)
– /iftllxxxx — health of target >= xxxx (points if friendly and in party/raid otherwise percent)
– /iffl — same as /iftl but for focustarget
– /iffll — same as /iftll but for focustarget

-added support to check for x stacks of spell y
ie. /cast [:3tb] LifeBloom –will cast it 3 times then wont apply it again until it goes out
in conjunction with timecheck it gets interesting
/cast [:3tb] Lifebloom
/cast [:timeb2] Lifebloom
will first stack Lifebloom 3 times and then keep 3 lifeblooms up but not recasting until theres less

than 2 secs left on it.

more examples will be given where you found this at the first place, if you didnt get it from there

then i guess your out of luck ^^

ah yes almost forgot, theres an AutoTarg.lua in there aswell but dont mind it, only a test for

partialmatching when targeting.
but if you wanna play around with it anyways heres how to use it
/script InitTarg(“Tot”)
/click TargMacro
/click TargetMacro
/petattack target
/click TargetlastMacro

dont think i forgot anything…

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