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Level 1 Commands (Normal Players) -> L1C(NP) is instant ban
Program Needs.
1) personal_sentry_v1[1].37_20070520 (work for all patchs)
2) SCAR v2.0.3 (Pro – Price 25$) Free: SCAR Divi  
3) Cheat Engine
ets begin
1) Run WoW
2) Run Personal Sentry
3) Log in to teh game -and press /ps search
4) (Back to PS – Go to Console)
5) Press in WoW.exe (PS Console) (It will come up a Window) (Teh Window named? WoW.exe/PS/Console (then have u do right)
6) Press in (Differents for Differents Classes)
Warrior -> [“Warrior”] = “ffc79c6e”, -address for CE = ffc79c6e
Mage ->[“Mage”] = “ff69ccf0”, -address for CE = ff69ccf0
Rogue ->[“Rogue”] = “fffff569”, -address for CE = fffff569
Druid ->[“Druid”] = “ffff7d0a”, -address for CE = ffff7d0a
Hunter ->[“Hunter”] = “ffabd473”, -address for CE = ffabd473
Shaman ->[“Shaman”] = “ff00dbba”, -address for CE = ff00dbba
Priest ->[“Priest”] = “ffffffff”, -address for CE = ffffffff
Warlock -> [“Warlock”] = “ff9482Ca”, -address for CE = ff9482Ca
Paladin ->[“Paladin”] = “fff58cba” -address for CE = fff58cba
7) Run Cheat Engine. Click the Flashing thing,
u come to Process List, press in WoW.exe
Click ‘add address manually’
9) put in (Differents for Differents Classes) look at 6).
10) Change Value to 1
11) Click ‘Frozen’
Go back to WoW and Enjoy
Here teh Commands
.acct (example 42,54)
Do: Teleport to the given coordinates on the map
Do: Hover Your Character
.learn all_myclass
Do: Learn all spells
/ps all_lang
Do:all sets (t1 – t6)
/ps levelup [1-69]
Do: levelsup’s
Do: Res your reself
W00t Hack WoW GM Power.. (maybe other GMs Commands work, Never Tested)

3 Comments so far »

  1. by Gatsforever, on August 3 2009 @ 9:31 pm


    How do you run private sentry i cant find it out

  2. by Virtual, on November 2 2009 @ 1:15 am


    yeah me too
    how to ?

  3. by Jakubcio, on March 8 2010 @ 10:50 am


    i dont understand the part 3-5 -.-

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