First - WoW Exploit Community 2012 recommendations!

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This post is taken from edge of nowhere, none of these are ours and scan them all and use at your own risk. All credit goes to others, they’re free though so I thought I’d pass the list along. I don’t use any of these, so some may be out of date, good luck and enjoy:

AutoBG Bot 2.0Download
Created by ???. Supports Paladin class only, but can be reconfigured. Automatically switches gear and heals, showing +healing on the Battleground Statistics.

Thermo PrimeDownload
Created by
malu05. A WoW travel bot. This should be the basis of all WoW bots that need to travel through WoW.

WoW Packet SnifferDownload
Created by
malu05. This program will allow you to sniff all in and outbound WoW packets.

WoW Wallhack and AltitudeHack – with source codeDownload
Created by
malu05. This program will allow you to fly and walk through walls.

FishBOT and Fishermans FriendDownload
Created by
Starfish2. Allows you to fish in WoW pretty much forever.

World of Warcraft FisherDownload
Created by
AutoIt Smith. A powerful, customizable automated fishing program for World of Warcraft. written in AutoIt with the source code included.

Safe Walljump Tool 100% accuracyDownload
Posted by
lowskill. Allows for much easier wall jumping.

Perfect Afk BotDownload
Created by
the-chad. This will minimize WoW and remove it from the taskbar. While WoW is hidden, it will initiate anti-idle.

Anti-gravity HackDownload
Created by
cereal1. This allows you to float when you walk off a cliff or jump in the air.

afk ab/wsg or av all night:)Download
Posted by
Deyn. This will allow you to remain AFK all night while building rep at the same time.

WoW SpamBot 1.0Download
Created by
Snarg. Now anybody can be an annoying spammer on WoW 🙂

PiroX AntiAFK Bot v7.1.5Download
Created by
PiroX. This is a very advanced Anti-AFK bot.

Created by iHack. Jumps 99.9% more accurately than humans.

WoW Color HackDownload.
Created by
Alex-M. Allows you to add colored text to WoW.

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