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In patch 2.4.0, a lot of new daily quest content was added. These daily quests; when fully unlocked, yield around 200 gold and about 3150 Shattered Sun Offensive Rep. Yet if someone told you you could make more without going anywhere, would you do it? There are primal farming spots right inside the areas where you complete daily quests, and they have surprisingly better drop rates than the other areas!

Bash’ir Landing: Probably one of the most least liked quests is the mana cell quest. Phasing out of the current area into a wyrm-ridden area, while picking up these little tiny mana cells that aren’t really all that easy to see either, who would expect that the phase wyrms would be a great primal mana farming spot? I researched this spot to find out the exact drop rate. I ended killing up to 104 phase wyrms in an hour, and I got 51 motes of mana and various other vendor trash. That’s 5 primals in an hour. So what do you do the next time you finish this quest? Just stay phased and keep on farming!

Throne of Kil’Jaeden: The two daily quests here are really interesting in design but are so far apart from all the others that half the time they are just skipped due to laziness (even I skip them sometimes). Yet this spot has something that should not be overlooked either. The Incandescent Fel Sparks drop motes of fire more than any other mob in the game. Now farming these were tough, due to the people doing dailies, so I was only able to kill 64 of the Incandescent Fel Sparks in my allotted hour of time, but I got 33 motes of fire. Three primal fires in an hour is a good deal to me. So next time you see someone running to tag a Fel Spark, don’t say to yourself, “Eh, ill still get quest credit if I’m close enough.” Say, “I have to get that spark; it might have motes on it!”

Oshu’gun: I have not tested this one myself, so I am taking the word of my guild mates and friends when I that Oshu’gun yielded a lot of useful items aside from just doing the multiphase survey quest. Herbalists lose out on this, but skinners and miners excel with this tip. As you’re doing the multiphase survey, go out of your way to kill the mobs nearby. Not only will you complete the multiphase quest, but you’re getting the quest for gathering done as well. All the roaming Clefthoof can be skinned to yield the Nether Residue needed, and also Nagrand is well known for ore deposits being everywhere. Also taking a whack at the Voidspawn in the area isn’t such a bad idea either. They currently have the highest known drop rate for motes of shadow. So Oshu’gun leads multiple money gains from doing two daily quests in the area.

These are three locations where farming is overlooked. There are probably more. Next time you are doing dailies and need every ounce of money you can get?save time by just stopping by at one spot and farming. You will be shocked at how high some of the drop rates are for some guys. I myself have done all the dailies and have realized from doing nothing extra that I have 3 primals in my bags, which on the Auction House can easily add up to a hefty sum.

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