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Alright, To begin, I was in a kara raid tonight.. They made me fly there. That night I had been lagging on and off, but my latency always remained pretty normal (low). So I “/raid: Can someone open the door please” I got to the door and I saw a quest giver, and I ran up to him to get the quest, then He dissapeared.. and So did the summoning stone.. and the horde/ alliance. I also noticed the door to kara was gone as well.. I ran up to it, and It zoned me in.. I guarantee the door was not already opened, I am 100% positive the door was there before I started to lag. Im not sure what type of lag, be it UI, client network, or serverside. But this could be potentially useful maybe in upcoming expansions?… Or so your raid doesnt hate you for not having the key and making someone run out of the isntance to let you in… NOTE: This was a Live server, NOT a private server.

p.s. I know it probably isn’t all too important, but, hey.. you never know when you might need to zone in to kara to quickly escape those hordies/ allies outside…

Below is a screenshot, not showing what actually happened, but a representation of what it looked like, (note* Highly Advanced graphical editing devices help to render a very lifelike example… But it ran out of battery power when It tried to get rid of the door.. So use your brain power.

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