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Spartacus – BG Bot & Utility

Warning: If you don’t know what a group profile is, how they work, or how to properly use them… then please do me a favor and slowly back away from Spartacus.


What is Spartacus?
Spartacus is a free utility written by myself that queues users into BG’s, monitors glider to do appropriate actions in the bg (such as handling deaths, or getting stuck), etc.
Note: Spartacus is NOT a stand alone bot program. It interfaces with glider to allow you to continuously queue and bot in bgs, using glider. In order to get the most out of this experience it will require two things:

1. A custom class (i.e. LeetLock, Oober**, etc)
2. Glider Elite

What can I do to help you?
I’m always looking for beta testers who have AIM. Also, if you have a problem you can help me by posting an intelligent post complete with version number, glider logs and spartacus logs as well as a description of what you were doing at the time.
Also, you can donate to the Spartacus project:

Why does my xxxx-antivirus flag Spartacus as a worm/virus/trojan?
A while back some people wrote some very malacious AutoIt scripts. These eventually got into the hands of the antivirus companies and because of the unique nature in which AutoIt scripts run when they flagged those particular autoit files as viruses.. they flagged ALL autoit files that interact with the internet as a virus/worm (this is known as a “False Positive”). This has plagued the AutoIt Community for a long time and is well documented. For more information, go to and do a search for “virus”. You’ll get plenty of results.

How do I Multi-BG glide with Spartacus?
Copy Spartacus to a new folder so you now have two Spartacus folders (ie, C:\Spartacus1\, C:\Spartacus2\)
Then, Run two instances of WoW/Glider. Open the glider settings for each and change one of their ports to be different (ie Wow/Glider #1’s connection is on port 3200 and WoW/Glider #2’s connection is on Port 3300)
Run both Spartacus.exe’s from the two Spartacus folders you made. In each of them click “Setup” and change their ports to reflect the two ports you just set above.
After that, each Spartacus will connect to it’s own unique glider via remote connection and will bg glide them both just fine.

Installation and Setup

1. Download the compressed file from: v0.2.3.rar
2. Extract it’s contents to wherever is convienent for you (with a program such as WinRar).
3. Open the extracted folder and run Spartacus.exe. Then click on “Setup”.
4. Click on the Installation tab. Browse to your glider <root> folder. Then, browse to your WoW <root> folder.
5. Click “Install” if it notifies you that SSPVP2 is not installed. Spartacus will NOT WORK without this addon.
6. Click the Settings tab. Browse to and select the BG profile you plan to use. Fill in the rest of your settings to your liking.
7. Ensure your Remote Port and Password are set correctly. This “Remote Connection” is a feature that must be turned on in Glider (on the main page of its configuration window).
8. Click “Save”.
9. Load up WoW and at the character select screen, click AddOns. Ensure “SSPVP2” is checked/enabled.
10. Your first time in game type /sspvp ui, then click “Auto Join” and set the delay for “Auto Join BG Delay” to aproximately 95 seconds.

Using Spartacus:
1. Ensure the bg profile you wish to use is selected in Spartacus. (Note: If you don’t know how to use Group profiles, stop trying to use them in Spartacus until you do!!)
2. With your character run somewhat near the battlemasters you wish to queue in with. Zoom-out slightly so the camera is positioned behind the toon.
4. Hit Ctrl-V in the WoW game to turn on in-game nameplates. This makes it much easier for Spartacus to queue into the bg in populated areas.
3. Click Start!


– Group Profile generation to let glider queue you in.
– Detects nearest battlemaster to your character and attempts to queue you in with them. No x/y mouse setting. Just click ‘Start’!
– Random names for process and window titles.
– Directly Interfaces with Glider
– Auto detect start of bg
– No Bot-only addons!
– and more!

– Finish adding stats recorder code.


Main v0.2.1
Hide/Show v0.2.1
Chat Log v0.2.1
Setup Tab#1 v0.2.1
Setup Tab#2 v0.2.1
Setup Tab#3 v0.2.1

Build History

Release 0.2.3
* Modified: Removed combat logging from Spartacus. Should help with the 2.4 problems. (Superdubmbell)

Release 0.2.2
* Added: Multi-file capable updater function. (Simucal)
* Added: Relogger has been entirely revamped, now contains GliderMonkey Relog Code! (Superdumbell)
* Modified: Click behavior of the trayicon has been tweaked. (Simucal)
* Modified: /status cycle time lowered due to 2.4 wow patch (Superdumbell)
* Fixed: X/Y Coordinate parsing for Glider update (Superdumbell)
* Fixed: Mode parsing for Glider update (Superdumbell)
* Note: SSPVP2 has been updated, if you download the rar it will contain the new SSPVP2 (Simucal)

Release 0.2.1
* Added: Cycle-Camera now cycles through various camera angles on each failure to queue.
* Added: Multi-Wow window hide/show capability! Try it out.
* Added: Minimize to tray features, with ability to Start/Stop/Exit glider from tray menu.
* Added: Chat Log, with tabs sectioned out for: “All, Battleground, Guild, Say, Yell, etc”
* Added: Main Window is now resizable.
* Added: For those with SpinResynch problems you can turn off “Ensuring we are queued feature” by editing Settings.ini and changing QueueDropCheck=False
* Modified: InstallSSPVP2() button so you are no longer allowed to “Install” the addon to a folder that is not your WoW folder
* Modified: When browsing for profiles the dialog will open to the last folder you selected a profile from.
* Modified: Loop-logic so the program is more CPU cycle friendly.
* Fixed: For those few users whose WindowsXP/Vista didn’t have the Scripting.Dictionary object and it prevented you from being able to use Spartacus, this should be resolved.
* Fixed: Stop after X # BG’s should now work properly. (Tested!)

Release 0.2.0
* Another attempt at ensuring custom classes are reloaded (should now reload on ZoneInside() as a backup).

Release 0.1.9
* Updated Spartacus so it is now compatible with the latest Glider Beta.
* Fixed the problem of not reloading your custom class on long queue times.
* Fixed stop after x # of BG’s (Untested)
* Spartacus will now ensure we haven’t dropped queue every 3 minutes instead of 5.

Release 0.1.8
* Modified the queue logic a considerable amount. It should be much more robust now.
* Fixed the relogger problem of not re-queuing/loading profile when we are reconnected.
* Removed the function to check for the open WoW window in the settings check. Now chinese/korean people should be able to at least get Spartacus to run without throwing an error (due to different WoW window titles).

Release 0.1.7
* Fixed Spartacus from asking you what bg you are in when you have autodetect off (no, really this time!)
* Fixed Array -1 Out of Bounds error
* Modified Queue failure detection, has been changed from a timer to a trigger on a Glider message.
* If you attempt to save settings and autodetect is off and you have only partially selected a bg/zone/faction it will throw an error now.

Release 0.1.6
* Fixed rez/death detection that I broke in the last TCP/IP function 0.1.5 updates.

Release 0.1.5
* Added the ability to specify a battlemaster name. (All you german and chinese people can use Spartacus now)
* Added a timer setting for how long you are dettached before the relogger initiates.
* Added a “Hide” button to hide/show the WoW window while gliding.
* Added a slight delay between when you zone outside and when it queues.
* Fixed it so if you have AutoDetect off and you start Spartacus inside a BG, it will no longer ask what BG you are in.
* Fixed relogger so if you d/c during the queue process, it will attempt to requeue you. (Untested)
* Refined the TCP/IP functions involved in receiving information from glider.
* Small UI fixes.

Release 0.1.4
* Added setting for stopping Spartacus after x BG’s
* Added relogger (beta). Note: Account user/pass are encrypted with RC4 encryption and stored in settings.ini
* Added the ability to set a profile for each of the BG’s.
* Modified Setup layout to make room for upcoming “Multi-Queue” feature.
* Modified _CheckProfile(), it will now list the referenced profiles it can’t find in the correct location.
* Upon death virtual keycodes for your arrow keys are now sent instead of “wasd”.
* Fixed restart timer, it will no longer attempt to restart Spartacus before the match begins.
Note: Look for full foreign client support in 0.1.5

Release changes for 0.0.3 – 0.1.3 has been removed due to post size.

Download v0.2.3.rar

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