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AutoIt3: AutoIt v3 – Automate and Script Windows Tasks – For Free!

Now that you have AutoIt3, you need to open your Script Writer. It is located in your AutoIt3’s folder, called ‘SciTE Script Editor’.

Now that you’ve opened that, imput the following.


Run("C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe") # Put wherever your WoW is located here. Mine on default is C:  Sleep("7500") # Waits for a while until it sends your account information  Send("USERNAME") # Place your WoW account name inside of the parentheses  Send("{Tab}") # Flips down to the password field  Send("PASSWORD") # Enters in your password  Send("{ENTER}") # Presses log-in for you! 

Now, press File -> Save As -> Login.au3
^ Make sure you add ‘.au3‘ or this will NOT work!

Run it, and have a free Auto-Login!

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