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This is what I call the “ACTS key smasher”.

Stands for Anti Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I have a rogue and frankly I am tired of clicking sin sin sin sin. So I created this utility that takes the key smashing and automates it for you. It uses the ever popular autoit v3

You can configure up to 30 hot keys to capture and automate tasks with. Each hotkey will then send the specified keys repeatedly every half second until canceled. Clicking a new hotkey will replace the current smashing with the new one.

This allows me to reposte and sinister strike repeatedly by only clicking a single key once!

It also allows me to pickpocket / cheap shot much easier! For example, as I am walking up in stealth, I click the hot key designated for pick pocket / cheap shot. WOW reports out of range until I finaly sneak in close enough and pickpocket and land my cheapshot. This also ensures I am at the max distance to land both of these. It’s great!

Configuring this is a little more complicated. First you have to set up WOW. I choose all my automated keys to use the modifier “Control”. Setup an action bar and keybindings accordingly. Then run the acts key smasher and click configure. enter the hotkey, the smash keys as autoit sends them, ( you can use autoit documentation to help create more complicated key sends ) And a message.

Please note: You cannot send the same key as any of the hotkeys. You will loop yourself to death.

While a smasher is being performed there is a notification window displaying the configured message for that hotkey.

Escape exits the Acts key smasher.
Clicking a hot key starts smashing and clicking again stops smashing.

The source code is provided. As well as my key bindings for use as example.

Oh I forgot to mention. This is only tested in Window mode.

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