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Well, today I was farming in SMV and noticed I had 50% of my bag filled with Green junk like 58-65 armor/weapons from BT trash. I was on my way to AH then closed my bag window went to the bathroom and came back and forgot about the greens and continued to farm, not knowing I was originally going to AH. So then I killed 10-15 random mobs level range 60-70 of course and realized that blues mostly greens were dropping like crazy. I ended up with two blues and 4 greens an the end of my farming those 10-50 mobs, I was amazed. I tested this on my low level 20 character after farming in Dead Mines with my brother and when I ended up with my bag 50% filled with green armor/weapons, I went to moon brook and in the middle of Westfall without a group with him and greens were dropping like 60% of the time.

Note I recommend that you not purchase low level greens from AH and expect that blues will drop from 60-70 creatures it just wont work!
– You have to farm a bit in a group in an instance and kill some trash so you have 50% of your bag filled with green armor/weapons. So therefore you must already have 50% of your bag filled with greens you earned by Killing creatures!
– One last thing the greens have to be around the same level range as the creatures your killing to increase the drop chance! I know, I know, it seems like a lot of work but it pays

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