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It is indeed possible to solo heroic slave pens with a warlock. You start with the Bogstroks, which move opposite of one another in packs of four. Move straight forward as the frontmost Bogstrok group runs left and back. Then, when the rearmost group runs towards you, cross over to the left side avoiding the first group as they run back south. Wait for the rear group to run backwards, and the front group to turn around, then make a run for the righthand corner where there is a wall right near some slaves and a Coilfang Naga.

Hug this wall, and look for an edge, you should see a slightly inclining glitchy looking wall. Angle your camera to an immediate sideview and start jumping up this wall. When you reach a certain point, you will fall off, the key is to get to this precipice and turn, then without running at all jump and hold forward to reach the next point. Now you should run along that point until you can turn and jump up yet again, running north along the new ledge you’ve reached until you see a gap to a stalactite-like overhanging. This is going to be one of the harder parts to the exploit. You need to jump across to this, and your best bet is to get right on the edge and jump. When you reach the other side, jump onto another ledge below and run to the farthest edge before waiting for a moment.

You may want to use a soulstone here for your first few tries, or an invisibility pot if you want to skip the above part. With practice, it’s easier to just do all of this. But without, it can be very tedious. Watch for a two-pat of nagas as they head south, then turn around and go deeper into the instance. You’re still on the ledge above them, the key is to time the jump RIGHT as they reach the end of their pat so that you land on the ground ahead of them as they about-face. Basically you are jumping over their heads, but they have a fairly large aggro radius so it’s easier said than done. SS recommended if you are new to this.

Keep running into the instance, you should get to the wide-open area where all the dirt mounds and larger pats start to appear. This part can also be tricky, but you’re in a safe zone at the end of the tunnel so you can grab a coke or something. Watch for two pats, one is a Naga Slavemaker right in front of you that essentially goes left, then back right, then left, then right. The other is a group of nagas that pat north and then south and west. The key here is to run through when the nagas are southwest and the slavemaker is west as well. You will want to make sure you don’t get near the Bogstroks as well, though you should be able to dodge all three with the larger naga pack RIGHT behind you. Immediately look to your northeast and check to see if there is another naga pat there. There shouldn’t be, if there is they pat to allow you a short opening to run by.

Get past them and you’re at your next safe zone. You should be standing by a large body of water and a ramp that follows down into it. If you aren’t reaccess your location, you’ve basically gone north through the instance, from the first room, through a hallway, into the second room, and you’d normally go northwest through a hallway to fight Mennu the Betrayer. Instead, you’re going to jump in that water.

Once in the water, aim right, and keep swimming until you hit a wall with two semi-circles convirging. It should be just right of a ledge where you can see Rokmar the Crackler. Look for a straight line formed by these two semi-circles. This is a texture exploit, basically, you hit spacebar, and tap forward ONCE, preferrably on your keypad. Sometimes, this lined texture catches you. Press spacebar again and as soon as you press it tap forward. Do this in rapid succession to reach the top of the ledge. You’ve essentially skipped half the instance now.

You have in front of you two naga guards, and to your left there should be a large pillar. Look for a small space behind the pillar that you could see yourself falling off into the water from. The key is to toy with this space for a bit, walk carefully over to it, avoiding the naga guards, and walk back and forth until you find a spot that kind of “hitches” you. They key here is that that hitch is a terrain bug, where the mobs will not run through to you. As a lock, you can dot the mobs up, run to the left of the hitch, and watch them run around the pillar, when they almost reach you, dot them and move right across the hitch to force them back around the pillar.

This should allow you to solo those two elite guards, along with the four Bogstroks nearby, although they take more practice.

Next, you can try the big fish, Rokmar, who you can kill with the same trick. Use this to clear him out, THEN go back to the hallway the guards were in front of and clear it with the same method. This is so you can solo Quagmirran. Go under the ramp in this room and look for an alcove with tree trunks sticking out of it. Climb up the stumps and practice reaching the top quickly, because you’ll need to. Then, when you feel you can get up there FAST, use the eye of kilrog to run up to Quagmirran’s room and as close to Quag as you can get. This should engage his event, which causes him to come after you. Don’t worry, it may take a few minutes, go ahead and get positioned to jump up on the stump. When Quag comes, dot him up then jump on the stump. He’ll run away, apparently he doesn’t like hitting you from that angle and is looking for a good wall to crash through. Count to 3 or 4 after he goes around the corner, then jump down. He should pop back around. Dot him up, rinse and repeat, and you have a Solo-SP-Heroic.

With practice it should be evident how to do most of this. It does take a LOT of practice, so don’t get discouraged.

There is a 99% chance the terrain bug that allows you to solo the mobs is fixed, however, the back zone is still bugged, so bring a friend and you can still solo Quag and Rokmar for easy loot. ^_^ Here’s a picture guide, this trick is also very good for easy herbs and mining veins, although in many cases they are near mobs. You can farm Ancient Lichen on my warrior via this method.

Pictures that illustrate most of the tough parts:

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