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Follow this guide step by step, and you will have a 60 day game card, for free, within 7 days of pending points. Only taking an hour out of your time for each game card you want.

Step One: THE TOOLS.

Get google toolbar, for IE or Firefox, this will save you a dickload of time, in filling in info. The autofill feature is your best friend here.

This will generator random (potential true) information, from the name down to the social.

With the random info generated, make a gmail account. Doesnt have to be special.


The website is OR if you like this guide and want to give me some props my ref site:

You will create an account based off the randomly generated info you decided to go with, also link your account to your gmail account.

Step Three: THE PROCESS.

1) Go to settings on the google toolbar, go to the autofill, fill out all the info you randomly generated….

CAUTION!!!!! If you decide to use the credit card numbers, use a proxy IP on the websites, dont get busted being an idiot. The free offers dont require CC #’s, but the big 200 point offers will.

2) Go to available offers on the gaming lagoon site, you can choose the FREE offers, and put them in point values, highest ones on top.

3) Most of the offers will tell you what you NEED to do to get the points, follow the instructions. You can open up as many as you need with tabs, and go down the line.

4) Once you have completed the offer, close that site, go back to the lagoon, and click “completed”. Dont bullshit, they double back to those sites to see if you really did your shit.

5) TA DA! Some of your points will come in instantly, some of them will come in within 7 days, its a game of patience. You can go to “prepaid game cards” 60 day wow cards will be listed there.

You can have the cards sent to you, or have the code emailed to you to use ASAP.

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