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“Yesterday evening, several members of Blizzard team were watching two players, and when we asked them the reason, they told us these players were breaking the speed-leveling record and they managed to do 1-60 in 14 hours.

It turned out that these two players are not totally unknown, they are named Mineva (Stormscale-EU) and Athene (you might have heard of his *videos*), and they have broken the world record in powerleveling a character to level 70: 1 day, 2 hours and 31 minutes.

A few details on the record:
– The character was created on Monday.
– They did it in one row, therefore without rested exp.
– This record happened on the European Stormscale realm.”…cordmineva.jpg

Its been a year since this exploit went public. It was also used to powerlevel the first 70 of the TBC.


You need a party with
– 1 prot pally
– 1 Mage
– 1 lowbie
– if you add a 2nd lowbie xp will be halved

1) Prot pally pulls all the mobs to the zone without doing any damage.
2) Once all the mobs are there the mage leaves the party
3) Now the prot pally aoes them down to 20% using consecration.
4) Once at 20%
– the mage frost novas.
– the pally puts BOP ont he lowbie.
– the pally leaves the instance.
5) At this point the mage kills and the lowbie gets all the exp.


Wont the mobs will be tagged for the mage?
Yes, IF the pally makes any dmg before kicking the mage, so dont.

Wont the mage be teleported out of the instance?
You can avoid that doing this:
– Pally kicks the mage before starting the pull.
– Pally runs with devotion aura.
– To refresh the mage teleport timer you wait until is 15secs or so for the mage, then you reinvite him, timer is cancelled, then you kick him again. Just dont make any dmg to the mobs.
– Pally consecrates to 20% then goes out the instance, and mage finishes the mobs.

Is it possible with other classes?
Any will do as long as the puller is able to sustain dmg, and both 70s have some sort of instant cast (even against low levels 50 hits per sec slow down your casts a lot).

Good places for this
– 10-18 Deadmines, Wailing Caverns
– 18-25 Stockade
– lvl 25-38 Scarlet Monastery
– 38-45 Zul Farrak. Here you can mount which helps pulling.
– 45-55 BRD, Strat/LBRS
– From 55 you go outlands. In Outland it is the other way around and as you get higher you might need more help. Here your lowbie leaves the party and tags each mob one by one. The rest kills them off.

XP reported following this method:
– 26k at lvl 39 non rested in the armory (scarlet monastery)
– 31-41 in about 1hr 20 min (mostly due to the 5 instances per reset timer).
– At 31 he was getting 600XP per mob….. at 40 he was getting 350XP/mob averaged

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