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  • Leather working level 115
  • Either a lvl 45+ caracter or some money to start bying some mats at the AH.
  • Recipt to Deviate Scale Belt

If you got some money you can buy Perfect deviate scales for around 1g each.
You need 6 of these to make a deviate scale belt so lets say 6g

Then you need 4 deviate scales they can be brought for around 1g for all.

thats 7g

A Deviate Scale Belt is hot for 19 twinks and therefor has a high price. on my server they sells for 15-30g thats a kind good profit.

If you dont have any start money you can grind some perfect deviate scales from Willing Caves. i use my 50 mage for that, and that goes okay fast.

If you dont allready got the receipt for deviate scale belt it can allso be brought for around 1g.

Ill hope this will help you guys!

I know this guide isent perfect, but remember it is my first.

Remember the prices of the mats and for the belt depends on the server!

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