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Source Code:

How It Works –

Every 18 seconds or so .. the bot checks to see if your queued .. if your not, it runs the queue routine .. if you are, then the bot moves your mouse to the EnterBG position and then to the LeaveBG position .. this does 2 things .. 1) checks if your ready to Enter a BG or Leave a BG .. 2) Acts like a Anti-AFK .. keeping you from getting the Deserter debuff .. the code may seem inefficient .. but it kills 2 birds with 1 stone

Also if your WoW is minimized the bot will do nothing (I was getting annoyed because i was minimized and my cursor was freaking out so i added that) so if your in a BG and you minimize for a long period of time its likely you will get the Deserter debuff

This bot uses No Injection, No Hooks, No Memory Offsets .. the only way your going to get reported for botting is if a player In-game reports you .. Ill let you worry about that though .. and you can rename HonorBot.exe to Notepad.exe or w/e if you care that much about the warden reading all your app names .. warden is overrated imo

Short Tutorial –

Everything is pretty straightforward, Ill go over configuring the bot though

1) Lag: if your WoW is a little laggy you can set this to 1-9(secs) .. this is the delay between mouse clicks, 1 or 2 normally works for everyone

Now 2-7 is a little different .. once you press one of these keys .. WoW will have focus and you’ll have 6sec to move your mouse to the right location .. a beep will indicate that its captured and you can move on

2) BGMinimapIcon: once you queue for a battleground a icon is added to your mini-map, when you press 2 and WoW has focus simply move your mouse over the icon .. make sure you get a nice red(horde) or blue(alliance) pixel .. i do capture the pixel value here .. and if you notice the bot trying to queue you up while your already queued .. you need to reconfigure this setting

3) BattleMaster: just move your mouse over the battlemaster and all done .. no pixel, just cords

4) QueueList: once you talk to a battlemaster you’ll see “i wish to join the battle” move your mouse over that

5) JoinBattle: just move your mouse over the “Join battle” button at the bottom of the dialog while in the queuelist dialog

6) EnterBG: after you queue you must wait for a BG to pop .. once it does .. give HonorBot focus and press 6 and wait till WoW has focus .. then hover over “Enter Battle” button .. i do capture pixel values here so hover over the red part of it .. that works the best it seems

7) LeaveBG: this is the same as EnterBG only you must wait for a game to be over and when you see the scoreboard at the bottom of that, you’ll see “Leave Battle” capture that .. i do capture pixel values so hover over red .. NOTE: you don’t need to configure LeaveBG although if you do not after every game you’ll stay in it for the 2min before it kicks you out

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