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So a few days ago I got to level 65 and since it wasn’t my first toon I knew that first thing is to get a new weapon from “Ring of Blood” quest chain. I came across this bug when i attempted to do the first part with a full T6 geared warlock friend and an alliance group was there too starting the chain.

1. You need to have done the first part, in my case it was done when some guy from the alliance group accidently attacked the first boss that spawned, I ended up running away so they killed it for me since it was attacking their group :O.
2. There has to be another group doing the quest. Now you say “well why don’t i just join them?” well if they are starting their chain they are probably full or it might be a group of the opposite faction.
3. So now the key to soloing the rest of the chain is DO NOT turn in your quest until the other group has started on the chain whereby the goblin yells this emote. When they are killing the boss and are about halfway to done, turn in your quest quickly and grab the new quest. This spawns a new quest boss in the arena, but DO NOT ENGAGE. When the other group has killed off their arena boss your guy despawns and you get (completed) for your quest! Now DO NOT TURN IN your newly completed quest. WAIT for the other group to start on the next part and at around 50% life for their boss, turn in your quest quickly and start up the next quest. Continue doing this for the rest of the chain and enjoy your easy exp/pots/gold/new weapon.

Note: For safety, you should mount up when you take each new quest, as the other group might fail and wipe on their own boss or accidently aggro the new spawned quest boss (yours). This might piss off and confuse the crap out of the other group doing their chain so try to time it so those things don’t happen.

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