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Basically, it expands what you can do from the Macro interface. I’ll try and give examples in the form of macros.

/ifaddtb Rejuvenation(Rank 13)
/cast Rejuvenation(Rank 13)
/elseifaddtb Abolish Poison
/cast Abolish Poison
/elseif UnitHealth(“target”)<75%
/cast Swiftmend
/elseifaddtb Lifebloom(Rank 1)x3
/cast Lifebloom(Rank 1)

This macro essentially turns Druid healing into one button. It checks if Rejuv is on the target, if not it casts it, checks for Abolish Poison, if not it casts it, if their life is below 75% it will pop Swiftmend, and it then checks if you have 3x stacks of Lifebloom. All with one macro.

Things like this used to be possible, but was nerfed by Blizzard for whatever reason. Thanks to AutoMacro you can do it again.

Here’s an example for a Mage:

/if UnitCastingInfo(“focus”) or UnitChannelInfo(“focus”)
/cast Counterspell

/ifaddtb Polymorph(Rank 1)
/cast Polymorph(Rank 1)

The first part of this macro checks if your focus target is casting or channeling a spell. If they are, it stops your current cast and Counterspells them. It will then Polymorph your target, but ONLY if they aren’t already Polymorphed (hence the “ifaddtb” part of it).


/if UnitCastingInfo(“target”) ~= “Deaden” or UnitChannelInfo(“target”)
/cast Kick

This one takes a bit more explaining, if you aren’t in a BT guild. Essentially there is a phase in a fight (RoS) where if you kick a certain spell, you usually wipe your raid, but if you don’t kick another you wipe your raid. It gets confusing and you don’t want to kick Deaden.
This will Kick your target if they’re not casting Deaden, which makes the fight a lot easier.

Warlock raiding macro:

/ifaddtb Curse of Shadows
/cast Curse of Shadows
/if UnitMana(“player”)<15%
/cast Life Tap
/cast Shadow Bolt

This macro checks if Curse of Shadows is on your target. If it isn’t it casts it. It then checks if your mana is under 15%, if it is it casts Life Tap. If CoS is up and your mana is good, it casts Shadow Bolt.

There’s a ton more you can do with this, play around a bit with it.;10224229;/fileinfo.html

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