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HowTo Attack Friendly Targets

Tools Needed:
World Of Warcraft

D3scene download: WPE Pro 0.9a download
Permedit – DOWNLOAD

How To: [Exemplified with a mage]

1- Open WPE Pro

2- Give WPE Pro full permitions with Permedit

3- Select WoW.exe on the WPE Pro (Name may be different in some private servers)

4- Go to site

5- U will need to have any buff in your character, i will use Arcane Intellect, Search for Arcane Intellect on the site

6- Select your spell with the correct rank

7- In the link u have now there will be some numbers in the end, in my Arcane Intellect appears 27126

8- Open Windows calculator, go to View and to Scientific

9- Click on “Dec” and write the number in the Calculator, in my example its “27126”

10- Click on “Hex” and it will appear differently, in my example its “69F6”

11- Switch numers like in my example, from “69F6” to “F669”

12- Now you have your buff ID, now do the point 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and 11 but to the spell you want to use, in my example, Arcane Blast, the ID is “F376”

13- Go to WPE and create a new filter, put a name on it and in Search go to Offset 007, put on it the Arcane Intellect ID “F669” and on Modify, Offset 007 too put the Arcane Blast ID “F376”, Apply, Enable the Filter and turn ON the Filters

14- Go to game and try to “Buff” some friendly target with it, players will not be able to hit you, Npc’s will hit you of course.

15- After you use the “Buff” you probably will NEED to press Esc, because it bugs the skill, after pressing Esc you will be able to use the “Buff” to hit someone again.

Other Uses For Mages:
If you use a spell on you, you will hit your self.
You can polymorph your self and others, what its great for regens.

Tested On:
â—‹ WoW 2.2 Private Servers Last Antrix Version – 8/10/2007 (DD/MM/YYYY)
â—‹ WoW 2.1.3 Private Last Mangos Servers Version – 8/10/2007 (DD/MM/YYYY)


Note 2: After u use a spell / skill that was changed in the WPE, it may says when u try to cast any other skill again that “Another Action its Already in Progress”, if that happens just click ESC and u will be able to cast / use skills again.

Very good tip for who is using this:
As u know after using a skill in other button that the original skill (example using Backstab to cast Ambush) u need to press ESC or u will not be able to cast, so, make a macro like the following example:

/cast Backstab(Rank 1)
It will much faster than using the skill and clicking esc.

How To Use Ambush Without Behing Stealed:,261.0.html

Enjoy the hack so much as i do, Regards,


The filters are atached to this post.

Filters Available:
â—‹ JotaC Default Filters (â—‹ Max Level Mage | â—‹ Level 44 Rogue | â—‹ Talent tree Hack)
â—‹ Cujo Default Filters (â—‹ Priests attack others |â—‹ Color filter |â—‹ Talent tree hack)
â—‹ Xvit Druid Filters

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