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The idea is to find a Chinese farmer that will level you. This guide is made for stratholme, you might not find any farmers there now a days. Try to look for farmers in the outlands.

Step1: Search Ingame via /who system for mages farming in Stratholme
Step2: If there are Many Mages, go on to /w them for an invite like this:

Ni hao (Hi, how r u? / Hello)

Mostly they will answer like this: Hao a (I’m well, hi, hello bla bla)

Step3: After telling him the shit go on to ask him: ni neng dai wo qu Stratholme na li ma ? wo xiang gen ni yi qi fen xi dian ni de jing yan zhi.
wo hui gei ni jin de ,er qie wo bu hui yao ni de ren he da lai de dong xi de. (yes, it is a long sentence, but this way you are telling him to invite you in a group to get XP, and you don’t loot anything of dropped cash or items, and maybe (your desicion) giving him some extra gold for it)

If his answer sounds like: bu xing or bu hao, he don’t agrees with you, but he won’t say that in 80%, because he is getting a friend and some extra gold =) But there are also other ways to say NO in chinese: bu xing, bu ke yi…

If his answer is like hao de or hao de , ni ke yi he wo yi qu – Than it is okay, if you see some bu or NO in this sentence, he don’t agree with you…

But there are also other sentences to say yes in china like hao de, xing , mei wen ti … bla bla bla

If you finished these steps tell him “invite me” (in chinese: rang wo jia ni de dui ba ? OR zu wo)

Now you are standing in Stratholme to watch him farming gold and items, if your level is below 55 don’t do anything else than standing a long way behind the farmer, because you will aggro too much… You will watch him pulling about 20 mobs at one time, and killing them shortly while casting blizzard, CoC, nova etc..

The reason while you are leveling so fast is, because you are in an instance, and the mobs are many levels higher than you.. So it isn’t rearly to get 1000 (!) XP per mob…

If you put on your “Argentumnadel (lol?)” you will reach lvl 60 with argentdawn “Repectfull” (Hope you understand xD)

This Guide is for lvl 45+ users only because you can’t join Stratholme if your level is smaller…

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