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coded with AutoIt

This is a first class fishbot for World of Warcraft. It’s a pixel bot without reading memory and without injection. You find the download link at the bottom.


  • You can make profiles for fishing places

  • The bot set the bobber color

  • Option: Beep on fish bait

  • Option: Shift to loot

  • Option: Hide process in process list

  • Option: Window title renaming

  • Option: Shutdown pc after x time

  • Buffs himself

  • Can use lure

  • Whisper detection + reply

  • Take screenshot on whisper

  • Play sound on whisper

  • Randomly target friend or enemy

  • A tooltip in left top corner

  • Logfile

  • Help file + pics


  1. Download Bot (.rar)

  2. Extract with e.g. Winrar

  3. Run World of Warcraft and login to your character

  4. Put fishing on a actionslot and bind it to a key

  5. Equip fishing rod

  6. Zoom in first person

  7. Run wowpfb.exe

  8. Click on button “help (pic)” for a small overview

  9. Click on tab “Keys”

  10. Set key for “Cast fishing”

  11. Set key for “Reply whisper”

  12. Click on tab “Coords”

  13. Click on button “big” to watch the pic to see where u have to set the coords

  14. Click on button “Setup”

  15. Move mouse to point 1 and click SPACE

  16. Move mouse to point 2 and click SPACE

  17. Choose a profile

  18. Click on button “Run”

How to make a profile:

  1. Run WoW and login

  2. Go to a fishing place

  3. Equip fishing rod

  4. Click on tab “Profile”

  5. Enter a name in field “Name”, e.g the place where u are fishing

  6. Click on button “get color”

  7. Move the mouse over the red or blue feather of bobber and press TAB

  8. Click on button “save profile”

How to use a lure:

  1. Put lure to an actionslots

  2. Bind a key to this slot

  3. Put the fishing rod to an actionslots

  4. Bind a key to this slot

  5. Click in bot on tab “Keys”

  6. Set those keys to “Use lure” and “Fishing rod”

Help file pic (click pic to view fullsize)

Additional information:
You can use STRG, ALT and SHIFT for keybindings. Just enter STRG+”key” or ALT+”key” or SHIFT+”key”.
But you can’t use two modifier: STRG+ALT+”key” does not work!
There are also two hotkeys set. “PAUSE” to pause bot, and “ALT+PAUSE” to exit bot.
The profiles are saved in “profiles.ini” and can be shared with other PiroX FishBot user.

Version: 2.0.2
Last Update: 29.02.2008
Release: 21.02.2008

Download PiroX FishBot

VirusTotal scan – wowpfb.exe 2.0.1

[ update ]
v2.0.2 (29.02.08)
– fixed: should now recast lure & buff
– changed: reduced size of bobber splash searchzone

v2.0.1 (22.02.08)
– added: Input ping (default 80ms)
– fixed: lure timer lowered to 10min
– fixed: capture screen on whisper, px.dll doesn’t work anymore with autoit oO
– changed: capture screen now with autoit function
– removed: Message “Pirox FishBot running”
– removed: file PX.dll

[ update ]
Some scanner detect “invi.dll” as a trojaner or hacktool. This file hides your process in process list and is only called if u enable “Hide process”.
If u are afraid, u can delete that file!

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