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For those who use InnerSpace and the BGBot available on the ISXWoW forums, I’ve been working on a new object for Open-Bot. oBG is a direct drop in for OB that will allow you to do battlegrounds with all the nifty things OB has, and BGBot doesn’t. (Glider too for that matter)

Perks to oBG:

– It uses “follow the flock” type logic. Where it will go to where the most of your raid currently is. It actively scans the battleground and updates raid locations to determine which area it should move to next. Basically the same logic most players use when they manually play.

– It has the navigation, and core power from Open-Bot. Which is amazing in it’s own right.

– Extremely easy to setup. (Unless you’re incredibly dumb)

– Active development team. (Myself, art3mis, darkfriend, and eqjoe)


– It’s not quite finished yet. (Some bugs are still knocking around, but they will be ironed out)

Now, to setup oBG to work, you’ll need to have InnerSpace, and all the fixins to run Open-Bot. (Just check any of the forums on how to set them up.)

You’ll need to grab the files that have been edited from an SVN repository. (For those of you who have worked with SVN before, this will make your life easy)

You can either do it by manually downloading each file individually, or using the features of SVN to do a full checkout. (No, I will not put up a rar file. No, I will not explain how to use SVN either. Google is your friend.)
Note: DO NOT CHECKOUT TO THE OB FOLDER! This will royally **** with things.

Once you have the needed files, just drop them on top of the OB folder, keeping the file structure in tact. Overwrite anything it asks you to. (Make sure there is an “Instances” folder inside the maps folder. <– Very important)

Now for the actual guide!

First things first, load OB near some battlemasters. (OB will automatically pick up on them, and save them for use later)

Queue for whatever battleground you decide you want to bot. (Highly suggest AV or AB. EotS will be explained further down, since it needs special attention)

When you load OB you’ll be shown the normal UI. With an added tab. (The EQ tab is now located in the Inventory tab. Disregard the “NULL” in the title of OB, using a quick way to show the GUI)

The BG tab is outlined, as well as a button labeled “Prefered Path” Prefered path is somewhat of a way to always attempt to walk a certain path. Say a road for instance. Use this for tricky spots where you want to go a certain way, instead of taking a shortcut elsewhere. Click the button, run your path, and unclick the button. Now the bot will attempt to take that path if it can.

Once you click on the BG tab, you’ll see a few settings. They are pretty self explanatory.

High/Med/Low Priority – Which BG’s to join, and should we leave the current to go to a higher priority one?
Enable BG Mode – Should we be actively trying to BG?
Enable BG Loot Mode – Loot slain enemies?
Guard/Defend/Offense All – Set AV/AB/WSG/EotS G/D/O settings to true or false. (Shortcut to setting all at once)

You’ll also notice some obviously named tabs. Each one has buttons specific to each battleground. For this guide I’ll only show you one BG tab, the rest are the exact same way.

In order to setup oBG to work properly. The process is very simple. See the names of the buttons? Go to where each one says, and click the button. It will drop a hotspot for you that has a specific name. Do not change the name on the hotspot! If you need to “re-do” the hotspot, simply click the button again, and it will overwrite your old one. Repeat that process for each button and you’re nearly finished. Once you have all your hotspots laid down, you’ll need to decide what type of logic you want the bot to follow. Offense? Defense? Guard a certain hotspot? (By using the dropdown) Or maybe Offensive Guard, or Defensive Guard.

If one of the combos is not implemented, the bot will tell you so. (This is still in beta, and not finished yet remember)

Once you have everything all set, feel free to press play. Away it goes!

It’s that simple for most of the BG’s, except for EotS, which needs a bit more due to the plateau at the beginning.

On the Overview tab, you’ll see a button labeled “Map Jump”. This is to map a fall more so than a jump. In a nutshell, click the button, and follow what the bot tells you to do. For best results, get near the edge, and turn walk on. Then just fall off the edge and wait for the bot to tell you the jump has been mapped. Then continue on to setup the rest of the hotspots.

That’s it. You’re all set and ready to start botting some BG’s!

I’ll support this as much as I can, you can always find me on IRC, or any of the IS forums.

Big thanks to the dev’s of OB itself. (Fluffster, oog, M^3, party4ever, Glave, art3mis, Cryptography, and Ritz.) Wouldn’t be able to do this without the incredible core.

Quick note, things are due to change in future revisions of this project, so there is no guarantee that it works 100%. However, as it stands right now, it is running fine, and doing a damned good job too. Routines are slightly lacking right now, but I’ve kicked the old routine dev’s in the butt and gotten them moving.

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