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At least once a day, maybe several times a day, you’ll be visiting a city. Major city, minor town, Steamwheedle Cartel, whatever, it works everywhere, as long as there are vendors.

What you are looking for are vendors that have “rare spawn” recipes or items. I stick with the recipes myself, but it works just as well with items – health potions, mana potions, copper modulators (or whatever those gizmos are called).

Whenever you see them, buy them all. I mean ALL. Doesn’t matter if they are selling for 5s or 5g, just buy them. Promptly mail them to your Auction Alt – you’ve got one of those, right? – and keep on playing, visiting more cities and buying more recipes.

At the end of the evening, or whenever you stop playing, log on with your Auction alt and post your recipes on the Auction House. The Auctioneer Add-On is of great help to figure out what you should be selling your loot for, but if for some reason you don’t have it installed, a good rule of thumb is this: post for triple what you paid for it, and everything should sell. My favorites are the recipes that you can buy for 5-10s, because they usually go for at least 1g and you can really clean out.

A good example of this is [Pattern: Admiral’s Hat] that spawns off Cowardly Crosby in Stranglethorn Vale. You buy it for 70s and you should have no problems selling it on AH for 6-7g. Now that’s not a bad profit, if you were in the area.

Should you find that an item is not selling at the price you want, wait until there are no competing offers and list it then, it should sell. Alternatively, you could resist the temptation to be greedy and just drop the price a bit. Whatever floats your boat. Remember, you can actually afford to drop the price a LOT since you paid peanuts for the item in the first place.

I don’t suggest going too much out of your way for strange vendors in even stranger places, but if you consistently buy every single rare spawn you can during the course of your adventures – and that will be every day you play – you will end up doubling or tripling (or better) your money every single night.

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