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1_ Run WoW
2_ Open Perm Edit and grant permission to Wow.exe

3_ Then in this page do a search with the name of your Weapon/Item/Spell/ETC.

The id we’re gonna use are the last numbers in the link for example:

Rough Arrow is 2512

The id is: 2512

On my screen:

4_ Open Cheat Engine 5.4 or whatever version you use and select the process Wow.exe: now put the id number you got from wowhead in the search box and check “hex” this will convert it. Now do a “First Scan”, select all results and put the on the address list we’re going to use:

5_ Now look up in wowhead for your desired item, in this case for example I used:

Handbook of Feint V is 21303

6_ after this in CE uncheck “hex” and put the new number (in this case 21303) in the search bar and check “hex” again, it will convert it, use this number to replace the value in all results:

Hit ok and when you go back to WoW you should have this:

This is only useful for scam, due to it changes the stats in your PC but not in the server’s, also if you shift click and item in the chat menu it will show the converted stats and not the real ones …-
Never tried this with spells if someone can pls let me know if it works…

Note: After using this method when logging out WoW will crash but will still log out successfully, at least it does for me…

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