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Ok. To start this guide off with, I will give you some general leveling information. There is a lot of information here, so remember that you do not have to read it all.::..Leveling Tips..::

Leveling Tip 1: Always work on Quests. It doesn’t matter how easy they are compared to your current level, you can always use the reputation and experience.

Leveling Tip 2: If possible, work on quests alone. If you think it is possible, do it. This eliminates the possibility of not leveling up because of splitting experience with others.

Leveling Tip 3: Take more than one quest at a time. I do not know how big of a difference this will make, but it saves me time to know what quests I am doing, and not having to run back and get another one.

Leveling Tip 4: Stay away from instances, unless they are with an actual group or you are completing quests. The experience inside of instances is not worth it at all. You kill more monsters normally, and for normal experience it is worth it.

Leveling Tip 5: If you are looking to level quickly, stay away from the Auction House. All the weapons / armor you will ever need will drop for you, especially if you decided not to follow my last tip

Leveling Tip 6: Grinding and Farming are not bad! Just remember to quest also, and these can be used greatly to your advantage. Since I know this is going to be challenged by a lot of you, here is the math.

Say a quest gives you 6000 experience, and 20 monsters to kill. Each monster gives you 120 experience. 120 x 20 = 2400. 2400 + 6000 = 8400. Now, say that took you an hour and a half. Grinding, killing 50 monsters an hour lets say, 50 x 120 = 6000 + the 3000 from the other half an hour and you have more than questing. See how that works? Good. Lets move on.

::..Money / Economy Tips..::

Money Tip 1: Get a mule to go into the Auction House for you. Its always easier on your main with less bag space filled, and usable for quest items. Just think of the mule as 16 more bag slots for your main.

Money Tip 2: Do not let the addons do the work for you. People exploit this. They will flood the AH with useless crap at too high prices, then stick one thing in there a little cheaper than the rest to get your bottom scanner screwed. Check over them before you hit buy, ok?

Money Tip 3: Do not grind with no point. Grind for an Item. You may think wrong part of the guide for this, but it is not. If you grind / farm right, you can have hundreds of silk / linen or wool an hour, instead of grinding into nothingness.

Money Tip 3: Always loot everything, no matter what that item is. Blizzard put that feature there for a reason, use it. Also loot greys, as they always sell for more to vendors. Get all uncommons as well, as they always have some use and could always be auctioned for at least a little money.

Money Tip 4: Don’t delete anything from your bag! Im sure it can be sold or something, and I understand if you are in outlands and an epic drops and you dont have any bag space left yes, but if your in a city, what is the point of doing that if you can sell?

Money Tip 5: If you want quick money, choose two gathering professions. Like, Mining / Herbalism. This way, you can pick up everything you see on the roads, smelt it or whatnot, and sell it for more money then just watching it grow.

Money Tip 6: Beg. I know this sounds stupid, but a lot more people are willing to give you money if you beg then listen to you whine, and not enough common sense to add you to their ignore list. I made a few hundred gold off of begging, and made this at level 22 in Thunder Bluff in a matter of 10 minutes.

Money Tip 7: Always charge tips. I was a rogue, and would not open any lockboxes until I got a tip, because thats just how it was with me. Its an easy way to make money, but people dont realize the amount of money they give as a tip is more then they would pay for whatever you are giving.

Money Tip 8: Buy low, sell high in the Auction House. The easiest and most well known methods. Find a blue for 15s, relist for 15g, and you just make a load of money. It is really as simple as that, and takes about 5 minutes a day.

Money Tip 7: Linen cloth sells for 1s a stack (AH, so it isn’t worth it) silk sells for 2g a stack, and wool sells for a whopping 6g A STACK!!! I cornered the market over 2 days and made 70g profit. Farm silk, in short. Thanks much for this Volund This also not all servers, just some of them.

::..Grinding / Farming Tips..::

Grinding Tip 1: Like I stated above, always grind / farm with a purpose. With no purpose, you are just killing, which is not making you ay money, or any items that you need. You need to know what you want, and where to get it. You can find this out at Thottbot: World of Warcraft

Grind Tip 2: Usually, you should either grind for 3 types of things.
-Popular Items, then sell for cheaper price
-Expensive Items
-Trade Items

Examples of these:

Popular Item: Lets say… Tear Armor? If you farm for that and sell in the auction house, big cash.

Expensive Item: Easy one. Shadowfang or Assassins Blade. These sell for big amounts for.

Trade Items: Silk Cloth, Leather, etc. This stuff will sell for good in stacks, or help you large amounts with your professions, whatever they may be.

There are also very popular places to farm and grind, and some not so popular places to grind and farm. Lots of people like to farm instances, where specific things drop. Like just as an example, Shadowfang Keep, 2 specific things drop of interest; Shadowfang and Assassins Blade. Some unpopular places might be some of the mines in Westfall, where you can easily get linen and wool cloth. If you decide to farm the lower popularity places, you might be able to get more items that are needed and undersold.

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