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Get out of the start area after getting your new character to level 6. That’s about the time they kick you out to Goldshire if you’re playing Alliance. Go to Stormwind, in the Dwark Quarter and pick mining. Buy a mining pick from the Mining Supplies vendor so conveniently located at the bottom of the stairs. Pick up any other skill you want while you’re there.

Then, go back to Goldshire and resume your adventures. By the time you are level 15, which won’t take very long since Blizzard redid the experience grids, you’ll be able to go anywhere in Elwynn forest, mining with impunity all the the while.

So you’re thinking, “Renei, is that your big GOLD SECRET!? That’s so lame, dude!” Yes, well, whatever. At level 15, in a one hour run through Elwynn Forest, you should be able to gather about 100 copper ore, turn it into 100 Copper Bars, and sell them for a minimum of 1g per stack at the Auction House. You can probably get more if you sell only on Weekends, which you should do anyways.

So you do this for 5 days, and you make yourself a minimum of 25g. That’s not even counting all the linen cloth you’ll be able to collect, the occasional green drops, the Shadowgems and Tiger’s Eye, even the Rough Stone, the money you’ll collect from all the mobs you kill (easily, since you’ll be level 15 – at least 3 levels above any mob in Elwynn), all the Chests you’ll loot… I could go on (and will, in another article). Remember: Everything that is not ‘Gray’ goes to the Auction House, never the Vendor!

In closing, remember that you only need to keep mining for a little while, as long as you feel like making easy low-level WoW Gold. At low levels it is very easy to switch to another profession and bring it up to the same level as your other skills without a huge time investment.

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