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It’s that time of year again when the Lunar Festival comes to town! It’s the best time for major city raids! Wanna know how to get in for you guys who don’t already know, this guide is for you!

First you need to get your group to Stormwind/Orgrimaar! Second look for the Lunar Festival quest giver and do the quest so you can get your invitation! Make sure the whole group has done it! if you use your invitation under the moonlight you will be ported to Moonglade! Now you can officially go to any city you want to as long as your group has the invitation and is in Moonglade! I will use Undercity as my example! Get your group early int he morning and be sure know Horde see you port to the Undercity! All of you go to the Undead Revelers and stand under the Moonlight and use your invitation! Now you will be ported to the Undercity! You mst wait 10 minutes after you go to Moonglade to get the ports ready though! Now just start raiding and use your Hearth to shat after your done! Raid complete! Hope you enjoyed!

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