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Table of Contents
1. Accessing WMM (Windows Movie Maker)
2. Recording Raw Footage
3. Setting up your Fraps/GameCam
4. Adding Effects
5. Saving Your Video
6. Uploading

1: Accessing WMM

It is required to have a Windows OS computer to have Windows Movie Maker. Mac’s may have another Movie feature and it’s possible that they are similar, so try your best to follow through. To access WMM, simply press Start — All Programs — Accessories — Entertainment — Windows Movie Maker. I suggest pinning this to your start menu (Right Click — Pin To Start Menu).

2: Recording Raw Footage

There are many recorders out there, including Fraps and GameCam. An Unregistered version of fraps only records for 30 seconds and adds a Watermark in the video. GameCam records for however long you want, but also adds a Watermark if Unregistered.

Unregistered Fraps – FRAPS show fps, record video game movies, screen capture software
Unregistered GameCam – Game Cam records video game movies while you play.

3: Setting up your Fraps/GameCam

Fraps* You can make the hotkey whatever you want. The rest of the settings should look like these if your computer lags with the default settings.

GameCam* You can make the hotkeys whatever you’d like, I suggest Home and End in the picture below.

4: Adding Effects

Now open up your Windows Movie Maker and we will begin to add effects. Follow step-by-step below.

– Add your Footage into WMM by pressing ‘Import Video’. If you used fraps, the default destination should be C:/Fraps. Using GameCam default, it should be in C:/GameCam/Media/Videos/WoW.

– Once you’ve added the video, you can add a title on the clip, before the clip, or after the clip. You can do this by pressing on ‘Make title or credits’. A title at the beginning will add it before the video shows. A title on the selected clip will show it WHILE the video is showing. Select whichever you like and then add it by pressing ‘Done, add title/credit to movie’.

– If you would like effects, press on ‘View Video Effects’. A few effects include the Greyscale or Black and White, the Hue which is like a disco-ish theme, and Film Age Oldest which is Greyscale with a cool oldtime effect.

5: Saving Your Video

Simply press ‘Save to my computer’, name it whatever you’d like, and press next (Don’t mess with the qualities unless you know what you’re doing), and then once the video is saved, it should be in C:/My Documents/My Videos (Default).

6: Uploading

Go to either YouTube or GoogleVideo and press on ‘My Account’ — ‘Upload New Video’. Your video should be wherever you put WMM to save it, which is usually the My Videos folder in My Documents. I suggest YouTube because even though it slaughters your movies quality, you will get alot more views. Your video should turn out somewhat like this (I just recently made this, and it is a trailer).

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