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First - WoW Exploit Community 2012 recommendations!

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These addons are the top choices by Booty Bay WoW members, if you are looking to enhance your game play experience, these are must haves:

-Atlasloot Enhanced
*Atlas that names every item you can get from Raid Bosses.
Download Atlasloot Enhanced v4.03.00
-Damage Meters
*Shows whose causing the least and most damage in a party (good for raids)

*Custom action bar =)
Download Bongos2 1.10.1

-Titan Panel
*Makes 2 bars at top/bottom of screen to show you many things you need to know. (how much space in backpack, Durability, Money, and EXP)
Download Titan Panel

*Creates seperate Outfits with your armor specifically for Normal, PvP, Max spell damge, resistances, and much much more.
Download Outfitter 4.0.1

-Threat Meter
*Shows who is causing least and most threat.
Download KLHThreatMeter 20.5b

*Maps for all instances!
Download Atlas v1.10.3

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