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Bottomlessbags is an Addon for World of Warcraft that allows you to easily filter your loot depending on the actual value of the loot. It will drop items and replace them with items of higher value. This is very handy if you are always having a full inventory. You can of course set a safelist of items that you would like to keep. The new version includes Auto-Mailing

bbag now has the ability to load config files, to allow instant setup for how you want to use it.

I have made two additional cfg files that I’m sharing with the community today.

All settings have been optimized to use glider most effectivly
1) Set bbag to auto loot and delete items
2) Set bbag to auto open clams, slimy bags, etc…
3) Auto Sell: White and grey items, and a preset list of items that you wouldn’t want to sell, like food, water, potions, and trade skill items.
4) Auto Mail: set to mail all items not sold, to an alternate toon, (you will need to type in the name of this toon for it to work.
5) Auto Buy: Food and Drink, will automaticaly select the best food and drink you can use.
6) Allow Bags to Fill: if you have vendor waypoints set, you can use the elite cfg file instead.

How to use Config File:
1)download one of the files below
2)copy this file into your BottomLessBag addon folder(you should choose to save over the pre-existing file)
3)start up World of Warcraft
4)type “/bbag cfg” to load the config file.

How to set alternate toon to mail stuff to:
5)type “/bbag” to open bbag menu
6)press the “Mail List” button
7)enter in the name of your alternate toon in the bottom right edit box
8-ensure the text above the edit box says “Mail Recipient: xxxx” xxxx being the name of your toon.
9)press the “x”/close button at the top right of the menu to close the menu.

If you don’t use AutoMail, and find it annoying that bbag is constanly mailing stuff when you go to the mail box, you can disable this feature by:
1) type “/bbag” to open the bbag menu
2) press the “Other Optioins” button if visable
3) uncheck the “Auto Mail..Hold [Alt] to Disable” check box.

Config Files:
Config file for standard glider setup:
Upload File, Free File Hosting, Free File Sharing – Filecrunch
download from the above server or download the zip file containing both files below

if you have vendor waypoints set up and you want bbags to allow bags to fill up the use this file:
Upload File, Free File Hosting, Free File Sharing – Filecrunch
download from the above server or download the zip file containing both files below

If these files don’t set up bottomless bag the way you want it to, then let me know and I’ll try to make a specific one for you.

Tips are welcome, but not neccesary, via the “PayPal Donate” button on the BottomlessBag download site, especially if I make you a custom cfg file

Below is a zip file containing both versions of the config file, one to allow your bags to fill, wich may be used for elite, and the other is the standard setup which will drop bag items if there is a better one available, still usable by elite, but will only return to vendor for food or repair, not for full bags.

Bottomlessbags download

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