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First what you want is an Addon called: SSPVP, From here: WoWInterface Downloads : SSPVP2

Second you want, a software called AutoClicker 1.5/1.6, it cost money but we can just crack it, you download it from here: Auto Clicker v1.6 by Shocker, ShockingSoft

Now you want an Addon called ChatMod which you can set to make a sound when someone /w you. Download from here: ChatMOD | World of Warcraft @

Now the setup, Lunch WoW and log onto your char. Type /chatmod in Chat

Click Chat Sounds, Now You go down where it says Whispers and set it to 2 (high bird noice), click Save.

Now go to The Exodar (Draenei’s City) go to the AV battlemaster and now you run Autoclicker.exe, set the options to like this:

Now stand infront of the AV queuer like this: (The pointer whouldn’t show so i had to improvize)

The reason it had to be in Exodar is becuase every other city whould the AV guy say like “Blah blah defend the AV from the frostwolf blah blah” and under the text it whould say

“I wish to join battle”

And we dont want that cuz then you got to click the “I wish to join battle” and the the SSPvp will auto click Join Battle. So thats why you need to be in Exodar.

I didn’t have the time and make a Blood Elf and lvl him up to lvl 51 to test if it was the same in in Silvermoon City, BUT it prolly is.

So i guess it works for both sides, in Exodar and Silvermoon city.

Now dont do it more than 2 days, because if you it for like 3 days Blizz will start thinking like this: “How does this guy Right-Click hes mouse for 3 days in a row without stopping, and no sleep, we gotta invertergate this” and then might discover you have a program clicking the right button for you can may ban you

Warden cant detect it, its 100% safe. Now you might wonder, how will this right-clicking program keep me from go Afk?? Well I was wondering the same thing, but infact Right-clicking keep you from going AFK

This is way diffrent and i say much easier than this one:

[Bot/Autoit Script] PVP Honor Leeching Script

This is how many points i made on one day

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