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Watch the YouTube video for a demonstration, or scroll past and get the text method. Its pretty fun, enjoy. 

If you don’t want to watch the vid, heres the text from the vid:

What this does: Lags out the other persons computer.
-Casters and Ranged will easily destroy ALL melee classes.
-All you have to do is just download ANYTHING that would use up bandwidth.
-Examples: Torrents, movies, streaming tv, music from any site. Basic idea is spike your lag to anything over 400 latency ingame.
-Not only is this undettectable, as well as unbannable, you will be murdering everyone.
-Just run away from melee, they won’t be able to land attacks.

-This is all due to the patch 2.3, when the checks were moved from server to client.
-You can now make the other person’s gameplay sluggish.
-They will get tons of errors, such as “Out of Range, “Ability not ready” and “must be infront of target!”.

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