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This is how to use Pirox’s Honor Farming bot, almost guaranteed no ban. (skip to bottom to avoid wall of text and for direct download of the edited Pirox’s Bot)

Download the source here: PiroX AFK BG Bot – download
(right click the .au3 file, and hit save as… Save it somewhere in a folder wherever you want.)

Download AutoIt 3 here: AutoIt v3 – Automate and Script Windows Tasks – For Free!

Open up the .au3 file you downloaded using notepad or some other plain text editor. Hit ctrl-a to select all, then ctrl-c to copy all. open up word and hit ctrl-v to paste it into word. Then hit ctrl-home to go the top of the word document.

Hit ctrl-f to open the find GUI, then go over to the replace tab. type pirox into find, and anything else into replace. I use ventrilo. Hit replace all. once it finishes, hit ok.

hit ctrl-home to go back to the top of the document. hit ctrl-f again, and go to replace again. type ventrilo.exe! in find, and pirox.exe! in replace. hit replace all.

hit ctrl-home to go back to the top of the document. hit ctrl-f again, and go to replace again. type (= “ventrilo.exe”) without the parenthesis in the find box, and type (= “pirox.exe”) without the parenthesis in the replace box. Hit replace all.

Hit ctrl-home to go back to the top of the document. hit ctrl-f again, and to the replace tab again. type PX.dll into find, and vent.dll into replace. hit replace all.

Hit ctrl-a to select all again, and ctrl-c to copy again. go back into the .au3 you opened in notepad, and hit ctrl-a to select all of that, then ctrl-v to paste over everything with your modified code. Save the file and close it. Then open the folder with the .au3 downloaded and right click it. select compile code, or whatever is close to that.

If you don’t have that option, then go to wherever you installed auto-it 3, and open the Aut2Exe folder. Open Aut2Exe.exe, and compile the code that way. You still have to go back to PiroX AFK BG Bot – download and get the rest of the needed files, and rename PX.dll to vent.dll. Put them in with your new .exe from the compiled source code, and you’re good to go.

Since I’m kind of Paranoid, this is what I did when I started using Pirox’s bot. I got close to 250 honor, and got full gladiator, new boots/bracer/belt, and 2 sets of weapons + 2 rings/trinket/neck. I also avoided the major AFK ban and honor bought item removal. Obviously Warden detects the px.dll call, or some other things about Pirox’s bot, but I somehow managed to avoid the ban.

Yea even though I guarantee you won’t get banned, I can’t guarantee you won’t get a suspension/ban. =P always bot at your own risk, I’m just trying to help you out.

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  1. by getonmyhorse, on November 3 2009 @ 8:41 am


    awesome man i wish i knew this much as you do about world of warcraft

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