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1. When you are being chased by a hostile creature, strafe instead of running. Strafing is faster than running is, and you are sure to lose the enemy’s aggro quicker.2. Things that slow the enemy down can be a lifesaver. This sounds simple, but many people are too caught up in running from death, that they do not impair their enemy so that they have a better chance of survival.3. The Insignia of the Horde / Alliance can be VERY useful. Its not just one of those random items you see that does nothing for you. If you use it wisely, that movement impairing effect that would have normally gotten you killed, is now gone and you escape to safety. Thottbot links: Thottbot World of Warcraft: Insignia of the Horde ( Horde)
Thottbot World of Warcraft: Medallion of the Alliance ( Alliance )
4. Don’t use any AoE / Movement impairing spells that cause random running around (i.g. Blind, Fear, etc.) In heavily populated areas such as instances. This one, just utilize some of that common sense and you will be alright.5. Feint can help you out a lot. This could make it so that you have to run less to get away safely, or entirely losing the aggro. 6. Always carry any Health Potions or Mana / Energy / Rage potions so that you can more easily escape death and fight another day, so that you might not even have to run at all.7. Stay realistic in where you level. If you attempt to kill things much higher level than you are, you are not doing yourself any favors. You are getting less Experience because you can kill less, losing money on the repair bill, and dieing more often.

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