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Here is a newbot that is really easy to use and free out there and you can find it here:Wow Zolo Fighter

here is how to set it up.

Initial Setup

1. Open your Start Menu, and select Control Panel
2. Select User Accounts
3. Select Change Accounts
4. Select Guest
5. Select Turn on Guest account
6. Locate your ZoloFighter.exe and rename it (Example: Notepad.exe)
7. Open your new .exe and click Start WoW
8. to check if your guest account is setup correctly, run the following in command line:
runas /u:guest notepad.exe
and when asked for password, just press enter.

Now you’re ready to select your Character class, Skill hotkeys, Monster targets, and Movement path.

Character Setup

You should have your renamed ZoloFighter.exe and WoW open.

1. In Zolo, select your character class by choosing bindings_CLASSsimple.cfg, where CLASS is your character class.
2. Click the Config button.
3. In the Bindings tab, note the skill list. Either change your hotkeys in WoW to reflect these, or edit the list to suit your WoW setup.
4. In the Profile Settings tab, add numbers in the Rest Percent, Stop Rest Percent, and Eat/Drink Percent fields. These simply tell the bot when pause and naturally regen hp/mana, stop the regen, and when to eat or drink.
5. Click the Save button.
6. You may want to add extra skills or buffs to the script, such as using trinkets before the attack sequence. This can be done by editing the bindings_CLASS.cfg file, where CLASS is your character class.

Bot Setup

1. Open the Waypoint tab in your renamed Zolo.exe.
2. Click New Waypoint Profile and choose a name. Click OK.
3. Go to the area where you want your bot to check the Auto Add Waypoint box.
4. Open WoW and move around. This will be the path that your bot follows. When you have finished your path, uncheck Auto Add Waypoint and click Save Profile.
5. Click Normal Waypoint and select Ghost Waypoint. This will be for corpse running if something goes wrong.
6. Take off your gear, die, and release spirit. When your ghost spawns at a graveyard, check the Auto Add Waypoint box.
7. Corpse run back to your path area. Once you get there, uncheck Auto Add Waypoint, click Save Profile, and return your waypoint selection to Normal Waypoint.
8. In WoW, target any mobs you wish to kill and click Add Target. For Mining and Herbalism, click Add Collect Items and add them to your collect list. They must be nearby in WoW to do so.
9. Click Save Profile

All done!

Click the Main tab in your zolofighter and click Fight. If you followed the above steps, you should have all the basics down.

Example Video

3 Comments so far »

  1. by julian, on September 20 2009 @ 10:46 pm


    ooooooooook im not good with computers… where do you get the bot anyway and once you have it going can you get free gold too?how?

  2. by ber, on November 11 2009 @ 11:46 am


    dont do this it will hack youre computer like mine =(

  3. by ryan, on December 11 2009 @ 2:57 pm


    dude ty for tellin me that it will hack it

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