First - WoW Exploit Community 2012 recommendations!

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1. get to level 70

2. buy a 2 hander with str and sta or agil and sta or what ever(should be epic or rare, level doesn’t matter for weapon)
note: the skill you select depends on you talents, read quote below

3. buy a 1 hander with NO STATS (level, rarity, TYPE doesn’t matter) MUST NOT BE A SHIELD (duh) and it cant be an offhand (maybe it can)

I used Halberd of Desolation as 2h and Shadowblade for 1h in that hunter pic

4. switch them till you see the desired stats glitch to 4×107 (40000000)
[qoute]It’s about the talents you have.

For example, a Paladin can bug himself STR, INT and STA without having kings.

Why? Three talents: Divine Strength (+% STR), Divine Intellect (+% INT), Weapon Mastery/Sacred Duty (+% STA).

The easiest one is with a feral druid, since they get +3% to all stats.

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