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1)Improved Eviscerate Rank 3
Increases the damage done by your Eviscerate ability by 15%.

(Doesn’t work sometimes)

2)Improved Sinister Strike Rank 2
Reduces the Energy cost of your Sinister Strike ability by 5.

3)Lightning Reflexes Rank 5
Increases your Dodge chance by 5%.

Increases your maximum Energy by 10.

5)Vitality Rank 2
Increases your total Stamina by 4% and your total Agility by 2%.

6)Deflection Rank 5
Increases your Parry chance by 5%.

7)Deadliness Rank 5
Increases your attack power by 10%.

Ok well.. What the filter does is use Rank 4 Stealth and then if you continously keep pressing the stealth it’ll increase the specific filter you enable at some point it will stop increasing it and Im not sure why >_<.
Use each one, 1 at a time so..if you want to increase your total stamina and agi then tick and enable Vitality ONLY, after that keep pushing Stealth Rank 4. Same goes for the rest of the filters. Sometimes though they dont work.

With Deadliness the highest AP I increased it to was 10,141.
With Vitality the Highest Stamina I had was around 3K.

The max Dodge and Parry you can get with this is 95%
I have tried this on Ascent 2.8-TRUNK r2801/Release-Win32-X86.

And yes I know everyone here can do this easily, but I do hope this helps some people..

Scanned with Jotti (I cant add attachments as .FLT=WPE Filters..So I made it a Rar):


File: Rogue_Increase_Using_Stealth_Rank_4.rar
Status: OK
MD5: bf9d54efbe3f0072e3dcaef7cf41b70f
Packers detected:

Scan taken on 03 Feb 2008 00:57:35 (GMT)

Found nothing
Found nothing
Found nothing
Found nothing
AVG Antivirus
Found nothing
Found nothing
Found nothing
Found nothing
Found nothing
F-Prot Antivirus
Found nothing
F-Secure Anti-Virus
Found nothing
Found nothing
Found nothing
Kaspersky Anti-Virus
Found nothing
Found nothing
Norman Virus Control
Found nothing
Panda Antivirus
Found nothing
Rising Antivirus
Found nothing
Sophos Antivirus
Found nothing
Found nothing
Found nothing

Thanks to Benzoid for reminding me


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